[DEAD] Monday: Monoprice M300 Planar In-Ears for $97.50 with coupon IF your order total is $300+ in coupon-eligible products

This daily deal expired…

Monday is here and surprise-surprise the Monoprice.com has brought back the 25% off orders of $300+ in eligible items this Monday too! Use coupon code HAPPY25 until 11:59pm pacific time to get this discount!

As usual, I just re-tested the various Monolith headphones and surprise-surprise, the Monoprice M300 Planar In-Ears has not only been discounted to $130 on its own, but it is also eligible for the coupon. The catch is that you need a $300+ order total of eligible items (before the coupon is factored in). If you can get to $300+, then 25% off drops it to $97.50.


You can get to $300+ with three M300 earphones but not sure who wants/needs three of them. You have to add another $170+ of coupon-eligible products to your shopping cart in order to be able to use the 25% off coupon.

Other Monoprice items that are coupon-eligible include:

+ Monoprice Desktop DAC/amp ($90 before coupon; $67.50 after coupon)
+ we have a text and pictures unboxing here

+ Monoprice 8323 with Bluetooth ($29 before coupon; $21.75 after coupon)

+ Metal Omega Headphone stand ($20 before coupon; $15 after coupon; available in two colors)

+ Onyx audio cables (various sizes under $2)

+ various cables, adapters, accessories, etc. Monoprice has expanded into other areas too, eg kitchen, so look there as well