House of Marley Smile Neckband BT Earphones for $34

A 15% off green clip-on coupon at Amazon offers 15% off the current prices of the House of Marley Smile neckband earphones. The Denim color scheme has the lowest price of the four colors, going for $40 before coupon. The coupon drops it to $34. The clip-on coupon works only if Amazon actual is the seller. The earphones average 3.6 out of 5 based on 31 customer reviews.

Since the neckband category is ever-increasing in popularity with everyone from Sennheiser to Sony jumping in, I am creating a new blog category to track them here. So instead of having them under the In-Ears category, now they will go in their own Neckband Earphones 🙂

Most of this kind are wireless (a place to put the battery/hardware for bluetooth/ANC), but the category will include wired and anything else that has some kind of a neckband. I won’t go far back-edit all the older posts, so this category will grow over time. Also by calling them “earphones” I am side-stepping further classification complications such as in-ears, earbuds, bone construction, etc 🙂