Tuesday: necklace-style bluetooth earphone offers

A couple of budget necklace-style bluetooth earphone offers is the theme among the daily deals for Tuesday May 18 in 2021 as follows:

+ at the Meh deal du jour you can get a 2-pack of iFrogz Sound Hub XD2 dual-driver necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $10 total plus shipping (unless you are a paying Meh-member in which case shipping is free)…

+ almost every day there’s some kind of a headphone offer at the NewEgg dailies but most of the times it is consumer tier some kind of a bluetooth, such as today, where you can get the Anker Soundcore Spirit 2 necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $17 after using the limited time promo code shown over there

+ what I call “necklace-style” (as opposed to neckband) are bluetooth earphones whose cable is an open loop (that ends at the two earpieces) and you hear them hanging on your neck like a necklace [you can of course also wear them reverse-baseball-cap style, with the “necklace” being on your back instead of your chest]

On a contemporaneous note, Tuesday 5/18/21 is Google I/0 2021 day where there might be some audio related Google announcements. You can watch the livestream/repeat YouTube-embedded below…

Speaking of announcements, this week has developed a bit of a free “HD music” subscription upgrade with both Apple and Amazon offering “HD Music” at the same price as their standard ($10/month) music subscription. It will be interesting to see if Google “price matches” this with a Google I/O announcement. Google Play Music is of course dead, and out of its ashes came YouTube Music/Premium/whatever-they-call-it-these-days.