Focal Clear down to $990

Focal has by now accumulated a number of audiophile-tier headphones, and one of their first is currently on sale, the new condition wired open-back over-ear Focal Clear is on sale for a limited time for $990 at also has a parallel and very informative YouTube channel.

And if you happen to be reading this right when I post this, they have a live drawing for their Audeze LCD-X1 (2021) Giveway planned for 4/30/21 at 10pm eastern time…

They even have a 13-minute video explaining their reviewing process, YouTube-embedded below:

Massdrop X Focal Elex Open Over-Ears for $550

It’s not FOCAL week, I just post whatever deals I run into 🙂 As one of their Black Friday offerings, Massdrop is offering their new condition Massdrop X Focal Elex open-back over-ear wired headphones for $550 with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Per the listing this is handmade in France!

This is estimated to ship in mid-December. Given the COVID situation, it may or may not arrive by the year-ending holidays, so YMMV (as with everything these days)…

There’s also an optional $20 off combined purchase discount if you purchase it together with the DROP + THX AAA™ 789 LINEAR AMPLIFIER. You add this from the product listing page, not from the shopping cart like you used to…

Focal Elegia over-ears for $690, OB for $519, Used for $479

As part of the Black Friday festivities, for a limited time, Adorama is offering the new condition closed-back wired over-ear FOCAL Elegia [Audiophile Elegy?] for $690 with free US shipping and handling…

On the same listing you will see a used option for $479 and open-box for $519… Used quantities may be limited, so YMMV depending on when you read this and how much demand there is for the Elegia…

EU: Focal Spark In-Ears for 19 euro

This is not a Prime Deal, anyone can buy it, I run into it while surfing around looking for Prime Day deals. Illel Hifi of Paris through Amazon France is offering the silver color scheme of the Focal Spark in-ears in new condition for 19 euro. The other colors go for more.

Wedn: Focal Sphear S In-Ears for $40, Etc

Earphones is the name of the game for the Wednesday 4/29/20 daily deals today, starting with Woot offering the new condition Focal Sphear S in-ears for $40, in the black color scheme, in new condition but with a 90-day Woot warranty. Free shipping only for Prime members…

Two earphones are offered in the Wednesday NewEgg daily deals as follows:

+ Apple Airpods (2nd generation) for $127.50

+ Philips Upbeat bluetooth earphones for $12

Focal Listen Chic bluetooth over-ears for $169

Do you like purple headphones? If so, you can get a pretty, pretty, pretty good deal on the new condition FOCAL Listen Chic bluetooth over-ears, they are on sale for $169 with free US shipping at B&H Photo… The other three colors go for $299…

This is not a daily deal, so I do not know when the price will change…

Optionally you can purchase the headphone together with an AURAY headphone stand with a 20% off discount on the price of the AURAY (not the headphone)…

They come with a 2-year warranty, a carrying case, detachable cable (for 3.5mm listening) and charging cable. The bluetooth is version 4.1 with apt-X support.

I must admit, the green and blue color schemes look nicer than the purple, but not $130 nicer for sure 🙂

PS: if you don’t want them purple Listen Chics, please feel free to send them to me. I will unbox and review them eventually 🙂

FOCAL Spark wired in-ears for $31 [blue only]

Woot is getting more organized these days (or I should say less chaotic), they even group products they offer by category. And in the headphone category we find the new condition blue color scheme of the wired FOCAL Spark In-Ears going for just under $31 with free shipping for Prime members or $6 for non-members [everything you buy during the calendar day in the Texas time zone]…

IT comes with a 90-day Woot warranty and up to ten per customer. It is only available in blue…

Focal Earpads for ELEX for $60

Massdrop is back with something specific and utilitarian, the FOCAL earpads for the ELEX headphones are currently running at Massdrop for $60 with free US shipping and returns. Nearly 500 units of these have been sold.

NOTE that these will ship on April Fool’s Day in 2020, that’s 3.5 months from the time of writing of this post, so keep that in mind if you need earpads yesterday…

Focal Elegia Closed Over-Ears for $598

FOCAL’s first attempt to enter the consumer headphone market was not greeted as a liberator but their subsequent entry into the open-back audiophile world generated a whole lot more excitement. And soon after that they also released closed-back headphones. One of them is the Elegia over-ears and they are currently on sale for $598 with free shipping by a trio of marketplace sellers (including World Wide Audio) through Amazon

FOCAL ELEX open over-ears drops to $600 [MD]

In addition to the “in-stock drops” (aka conventional online retail) Massdrop has also “discovered” discounting! As of the time of writing, the new condition FOCAL ELEX open-backs, part of the X line of co-branded Massdrop products, are down to $600 with free US shipping. Props to Massdrop for keeping prices round, eg $600, not doing the silly $599.99 that many retailers do.

This is indeed an in-stock drop, so it will ship within one business day after purchase. No long waits. Since it is an “X” product, made and sold in co-operation with the manufacturer, it comes with a 2-year FOCAL warranty. It is handmade in Fwance per the listing…

PS: yes, I am aware Massdrop has been renamed to “Drop”, but “Drop”, although a shorter one-word name that is desirable among the e-commerce world, it just doesn’t not have the uniqueness and personality of “Massdrop”. It can also confuse some as “Dropbox” is a lot more well-known than “Drop”. But then again, they can mayhaps find a theme song in the Cocteau Twins mesmerizing Pearly Dew Drops drops 😉

Used (Open Box) Focal Spark in-ears for $25

This is not one of the FOCAL headphones that are generating a lot of forum/audiophile buzz, but they are FOCAL branded nonetheless, the Spark wired in-ears, they are currently available in “Used – Like New” Open-Box condition for $25 in the black and silver color schemes by authorized dealer Gramophone (a B&M A/V dealer in Maryland [Gary Williams NOT included]) through Amazon Warehouse Deals… They are fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime eligible)…

Used FOCAL ELEGIA closed over-ears for $599

The new condition FOCAL Elegia closed-back over-ears currently go for $699 but if you prefer the way of the used, authorized dealer OneCall has a “Used – Very Good” condition listing going for $599 through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Prime members will get Prime-like delivery speed even though it ships from OneCall (state of Washington, from the “Go Zags” neighborhood)…

Focal Elear Open Over-Ears for $549

IF you are looking to get the open-back over-ear Focal Elear in new condition, as of the time of writing, Amazon actual is offering them for $549 per pair. You can buy as many as you like at the price. This is not a lightning deal, so there’s no public expiration date…

FOCAL has multiple options these days on the open-back front and of course the competition is not sitting idly either. Check your favorite forums and websites if you need ideas on what to pick and what to avoid…

Focal Spark for $29, CLEAR for $1100

The new condition FOCAL CLEAR open-back over-ear headphones are currently on sale for $1100 at select authorized FOCAL dealers, including the World Wide Stereo Black Friday sale along with Amazon actual and ADorama (using coupon code CYBERDEALS).

At the other end of the FOCAL price-range, their new condition Focal Spark wired in-ears are on sale for $30 per pair, available in three different color schemes.

Focal Listen Closed Over-Ears for $129

The new condition FOCAL Listen closed-back over-ear wired headphones are now on sale for $129 at authorized FOCAL dealers such as World Wide Stereo (as part of their 2018 Black Friday sale) and also at Amazon

Meanwhile the wireless version of the Listen headphones, aptly named “Listen Wireless” are on sale for $190 in the standard color scheme or $210 in the trendy color schemes.

Used Focal ELEAR open over-ear for $529

If you are interested in getting a used Focal Elear headphone and are not tempted by the Massdrop variant, Hifi Heaven is offering a “Used – Very Condition” option for $530 with free shipping at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Next up for $569 is an open-box return by Fique and a “Used – Like New” condition by “Hifi Summit”. These three ship directly from the marketplace sellers with free shipping but not Prime or Prime-like shipping.

Focal Sphear S In-Ears for $65

A feast of price-matches has dropped the price of the black color scheme of the new condition FOCAL Sphear S in-ears to $65 with free shipping by various marketplace sellers fulfilled by Amazon (thus Prime-eligible) including ZORRO Sounds.

Now shipping: FOCAL’s first closed-back audiophile

FOCAL made a handful of consumer closed-back headphones but not an audiophile-targeting headphone until the release of the “Elegia”. This new black-silver over-ear model is now in-stock and shipping by various well-known audio-sellers that are fulfilled by Amazon including OneCall, ListenUP, HiDef Lifestyle, etc.

I do not know if there are any plans for a Massdrop variant of this…

Speaking of FOCAL, they were the focus of episode #3 of the relatively new post-Tyll Innerfidelity podcast, talking with Nicolas Debard of the french maker. You can listen to it on all your favorite podcasting apps and sites, such as Stitcher which also offers a web widget:

There is discussion of their approach to headphones and also how it relates to their loudspeaker philosophy. These and more!

Focal Listen Bluetooth Over-Ears for $189

On the consumer side of FOCAL headphones and of the utilitarian kind (read: bluetooth), their new condition closed-back over-ear Listen Wireless are on sale for $189 by “Electronics EXPO” with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime shipping for members. These average 3.6 out of 5 based on 22 customer reviews and they have nine answered questions by viewers like you…

Used Focal Spirit One S closed-back for $49

FOCAL started slow with their headphone line-up before going on an audiophile big bang that got us many options, such as the Elear, Clear, Utopia and so forth…

Of the first wave of closed-back models, the Focal Spirit One S is currently offered in “Used – Like New” condition [no further details provided] for $49 with free shipping by marketplace seller “Fique” (96%, 730+ ratings) through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from the marketplace seller and it is NOT Prime-eligible, so there is some higher risk since you won’t be dealing with Amazon shipment and customer service for any order-related issues…

FOCAL CLEAR PRO available on eBay as well

If you are stocked up on eBay Gift Cards and/or eBay Bucks, or plan to take advantage of the Chase Q2 5% PayPal cashback rewards [up to $1500 per individual credit card; must activate offer], Sweetwater’s [no, not the one from Westworld] eBay store has TWO new condition FOCAL CLEAR PROFESSIONAL (the red/black color scheme) for their regular price of $1700 with free shipping.

FOCAL ELEX Open Over-Ears return for $700 [MD]

Hot on the heels of the return of the HD 6XX and HD 58X, Massdrop has also brought back another drop, it’s the new condition FOCAL ELEX Open Over-Ears going for $700 with free US shipping. These will ship in late May 2018 from Massdrop with a 2-year FOCAL warranty since this is a co-operation. The offer runs until the end of the month, however, it may sell out ahead of time. 755 units are available and per the stats there, 690+ have been claimed! So don’t sleep on it for too many nights if you are thinking to jump in.

Now shipping: Focal Listen Professional for $299

The “red Professional” we are seeing with the Focal Clear is also available for the Focal Listen. The new Focal Listen Professional closed-back over-ears are currently in-stock and shipping for $299 by ProAudioStar through Amazon. They ship directly from the ProAudioStar (Brooklyn) and they are not Prime eligible.

Now shipping: FOCAL CLEAR Professional for $1699 [CORRECTED]

Hide your wallets! The Red Temptation is Here! No, not Melisandre, it’s the Focal Clear Professional headphones, in-stock and ready to ship right now at B&H Photo [CORRECTED LINK!]. If you want them now, order them before Thursday at 7pm eastern! After that, B&H Photo closes for Passover and orders placed after that time will be processed beginning April 8! Their starting price is $1699 with free expedited shipping…

For more comings and going of hard to find or recently-released headphones, check our Headphones Tracker… Speaking of which, the RHA CL1 is estimated to be in-stock again on April 1st for $219…

Used Focal Elear for $589

Marketplace seller “Fique” (99%, 656 ratings, New Jersey) is offering the open-back over-ear FOCAL ELEAR in “Used – Like New” (open box return) condition for $589 with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. It ships directly from Fique and it is not Prim eligible. Per the shopping cart they have two units available. They have a gallery of six pictures of the unit offered.

Used Focal Spirit One S Closed Over-Ear for $70 w/FS

This increased interest in the previous Focal headphones has also caused the prices of the closed-back over-ear Focal Spirit One S to uptick to $90 in new condition, but if you are curious about it and want to pay less, you can get it for $70 in used condition by audioLAB thru eBay. This is a customer return, one unit available.

Focal Spirit Professional Closed Over-Ears for $199

The popularity of the audiophile-tier FOCAL headphones such as the Elear and the Elex ($700 live at Massdrop), the Clear, and upcoming Clear Professional, have sparked some renewed interest in their first wave of consumer-tier priced headphones.

One of those is the Focal Spirit Professional closed-back over-ears and they are currently on sale for $199 with free shipping at Musicians’ Friend and Music 123 via NewEgg and Guitar Center and various through Amazon

Now available: FOCAL Utopia by Tournaine (Gold, Diamonds)

If you want to dazzle everyone at the next audio meet-up, you can’t go wrong with the Focal Utopia by Tournaire headphones, open-back, over-ear, open-wallet, with 18K gold, mounted with 6.5 carats of diamonds for the one “low” price of $100,000 🙂 These are a special order, so there is some wait involved. Anyone who bought lots of shares of Apple or Google or Facebook the day they went public, you have earned this 😉

FOCAL ELEAR Open Over-Ear drops to $699

Down goes Elear! Earlier in the morning when I was deal-fishing at Amazon the FOCAL ELEAR went for $750, but as of the time of writing, two fulfilled by Amazon sellers (Audio Advisor and Audio Fanatic) have dropped to $699 with free Prime shipping. You can also see the big picture with the detailed listing. I don’t know if those two “fulfilled by Amazon” sellers are authorized FOCAL dealers.

The price now matches the FOCAL ELEX at Massdrop which also go for $700. Their “drop” is ending in about one day and change. Unlike the “fulfilled by Amazon” which ships in about two days, the Elex at Massdrop will ship in late April 2018. Patience is definitely a virtue.

FOCAL ELEX Open Over-Ear return for $700 [MD]

They are back on at members-only Massdrop, this time with a late April 2018 shipping estimate! It is the new condition FOCAL ELEX Open Over-Ears going for their new low price of $700 with free shipping (they had started at $800).

This particular drop is running for the next 15 days (from blog-posting date). The listing says 250 units are available however, Massdrop did not reset the counter up top, so we have no way of knowing how many are left from this particular drop. All sales are final as usual, but since it is a product build in co-operation with FOCAL, you do get a two year warranty like other FOCAL headphones.

Focal Spirit One S Closed Over-Ears for $79

Before FOCAL generated a lot of interested with their audiophile line of headphones, their first foray into headphones were closed-back consumer-tier headphones. IF you are curious about those early days, one of those early headphones, the new condition Focal Spirit One S Closed Over-Ears are on sale at various sellers for $79 to $80 with free shipping fulfilled by Amazon and also the audioLAB eBay store and also by Electronics EXPO thru Walmart and thru NewEgg

Pre-order new FOCAL CLEAR Professional ($1700)

NAMM trade shows typically do not bring out as many new headphones as does CES in Vegas, but that is not to say that there are no new headphones at NAMM either!

Following on the launch of the CLEAR, Focal is back with a “Professional” version of their open-back over-ear FOCAL CLEAR headphones. Some Melisandre red can be found on the interior of the new headphone and a starting price of $1699. Pre-orders are accepted at reputable and authorized dealers such as and B&H Photo. An exact release date is not yet available.

We have just added this new top tier headphone to our on-going Headphone Tracker which has been refilled/reloaded with all the new things that came out at CES 2018 [check our our round-up for a summary of sorts].

Used FOCAL Listen Bluetooth Over-Ears for $224, NEW for $249

The FOCAL Listen Wireless (bluetooth) closed-back over-ears go for $300 in new condition at some of the recognizable dealers, but if you want to save some, then to Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) we go, where AWD actual has them in “Used – Like New” (damaged original packaging) for $224. There you will also find two “fulfilled by Amazon” sellers (Audio Advisor, Wired for Less) offering them for $249 in new condition.

Open-box Focal CLEAR for $1399

This is the first time I’ve seen this headphone available as used at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Marketplace seller “Wired for less” (100%, 1345 ratings) offers it in “Used – Like New” open-box condition for $1400 with free shipping instead of the $1500 price in new condition. This ships directly from the marketplace seller and it is not Prime eligible.

FOCAL ELEX drops to $700 for ALL participants in the drop [MD]

While the lauded Focal CLEAR remains in-stock for its starting price of $1500, its cousin model, the newer ELEX is having a $100 off discount!

For the next two days and change, Massdrop is offering it for $700 instead of $800. The sale price is guaranteed until the end of this drop in two days and change.

If you had previously purchased it at $800, fear NOT! Existing participating in the drop will also pay $700, not $800. You don’t have to cancel and rebuy. Their email does not say exactly how this will be adjusted but if you had previously committed at $800, you’ll probably see an email or an adjustment. The payment will be collected after the drop, so your credit card will probably be charged for $700 instead of $800.

This is estimated to ship mid-February 2018, and comes with a 2-year warranty since it is a FOCAL-Massdrop co-operation.

This new price puts it in ELEAR territory.