Woot Sale: refurb Klipsch, Panasonic ANC/BT Over-Ears, TW (B&O, RHA, Philips), Etc

It’s a headphone party at Woot! They have an Electronics Clearance sale running until the end of day on September 6 in 2020 [or earlier for anything that sells out – a few of them already did]…

It is a headphone and audio heavy collection, including:

+ Panasonic RP-HD805N ANC/wireless over-ears for $95

+ refurb Klipsch R6 II R in-ears for $14
+ refurb Klipsch R6i II in-ears for $16
+ refurb Klipsch R6 neckband earphones for $27

+ Bang and Olufsen E8 Premium truly-wireless (TW) for $89
+ B&O E8 2.0 Qi charging TW for $140
+ RHA True Connect truly-wireless for $70
+ Philips Bass+ truly wireless for $45

+ budget bluetooth earphones (including TW) from $13 to $30, three options)

+ vinyl record players from Victrola ($30 suitcase, $100 “normal”)

+ a couple of eMedia guitar learning kits

As of the time of writing, sold out were the Master & Dynamic MW07 truly-wireless for $80 and the B&O E8 2.0 Motion