[DEAD] Wedn’s Offers: Rowkin, Treblab, Symph, Henjia

Wednesday and its offers are now over. Time won’t stand still. It’s in a …Rush to go somewhere 🙂

Another day of modest action in the Amazonian Gold Box with the following tentative schedule:

+ ends 10am ET: Rowkin Bit Charge Single: True Wireless Earbud for $35 minus 10% off pre-sale price with clip-on coupon; probably $30
+ NOTE: this is by design only ONE earbud!

+ starts 8:40am ET: Symphonized CD Bluetooth earphones (has nothing to do with music CDs!)

+ starts 12:15pm ET: Brainwavz Hengja – The Headphone Desk Hanger (price before sale $15)

+ starts 1:35pm ET: TREBLAB X2 truly wireless (price before sale $70)
+ NOTE: do NOT wear these while you are driving; gallery picture #3 over there shows a guy driving with these on! BAD!

+ starts 7:10pm ET: 5.9ft Syncwire 24K Gold plated Toslink optical audio cable (price before sale $9)
+ it’s obviously under $100, so it’s not an audiophile *cough* audiophool *cough* cable ^_^