Wednesday Schedule at Amazon USA Prime Day #2

Our previous post talking about the Shure KSE electrostatic lightning deal got too long, so I’m having a separate post to outline some of the potentially interesting headphone/audio-related items that are scheduled to go live in the Amazon USA Prime Day #2.

I’m not posting links for each product because this post would take forever to write. You can find all the headphones by filtering the Gold Box / Prime Day lightning deals on the left hand side for “Headphones” or “Electronics”. Electronics is a superset because it also has the various headphones that are listed there but it takes longer to traverse.

Also note that I’m not including below any of the consumer-popular headphone brands such as MPOW, Aukey, TaoTronics, etc…

+ starts 3:40am ET: 1More Stylish dual driver IEMs

+ starts 7:35am ET: 1More Piston Fit in-ears

+ starts 9am ET: 1More Piston Fit neckband bluetooth earphones
+ this just in here, but I won’t be able to unbox it, take pictures and post them by the time the lightning deal goes live 🙂

+ starts 9:05am ET: KZ ZS10 PRO In-Ears
+ the teaser says 20% off
+ the product page already has a $4 off coupon, so it’s a good idea to clip the coupon to your Amazon account (sounds complicated, but you just click on the empty little square preceding the offer text) as soon as possible
+ price before the sale $49 – $4 off coupon = $45
+ HOWEVER, there are multiple options on the listing (colors, with/without microphone) so it is not guaranteed that the lightning deal will be on the variant that is shown above; you will know for sure when it actually goes live

+ starts 9:45am ET: JVC Flats lightweight on-ears

+ starts 1pm ET: Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

+ starts 3:55pm ET: Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
+ this has a $20 off clip coupon on the listing; add it to your account, these are often (but not always) stackable with the lightning deal discount

+ starts 4pm ET: Philips Performance PH805 bluetooth over ears
+ price before sale $149

+ also through the day three Edifier speakers and a KEiiD stereo shelf system