Wedn (EU): massive headphone sale at Amazon Germany: B&O, Yamaha EPH-100, Sony bundle, Philips X2HR, Libratones, Beats Solo 3, Etc

Amazon Germany is celebrating the end of summer with a sales week until the 16th of September, and for today (Wednesday September 11 in 2019) the Gold Box is featuring lots of sales that include a lot of headphones. Among them:

+ Yamaha EPH-100 in-ears for 79 euro under the Yamaha sale

+ Sony Xperia XZ2 smartphone with Sony WH-XB900N ANC/bluetooth Extra Bass over-ears for 519 in three different smartphone color schemes

+ Bang & Olufson H7 over-ears for 220, H8 ANC for 270

+ Philips X2HR/00 open-back over-ears for 172 euro under the Philips sale
+ Philips SHP/2500/10 closed over-ears for 21 euro
+ Philips Rounds earhook earbuds for 12
+ Shield 305BK Bass bluetooth earphones for 14
+ SHK-2000-PK/00 lightweight kids over/on-ears with volume control for 17
+ Philips SHB-2505-BK truly wireless for 83

+ Libratone Q Adapt bluetooth/ANC on-ears for 110 euro
+ Libratone neckband style bluetooth earphones for 125
+ Libratone Q Adapt ANC earphones (Lightning cable) for 90 euro

+ Beats Solo 3 in five colors for 149 euro

+ Panasonic HDE-10-E in-ears for 123 euro
+ Panasonic “Wings” BTS-35-E bluetooth earphones for 47 to 54

+ Corsair HS70 wireless 7.1 gaming headset for 78, HS50 for 55

+ various Taotronics ANC/bluetooth over-ears and necklace-style bluetooth earphones

+ various audio cables under the KabelDirekt sale (they do very well in customer reviews)

+ various other audio gear, speakers, receivers and such under the various sales mentioned above and elsewhere in the gold box ~ too many to list here individually