VE Monks Plus (Exclusive Blue) for $5 + S&H [MD]

They are baaaack! If you want to jump on the VE Monks bandwagon and don’t mind waiting, Massdrop has them back on, with the offer fully unlocked going for $5 plus shipping. They are the new condition onk Plus Earbuds (Exclusive Blue)! There are two blue variations in the shopping cart, midnight-blue or transparent-blue.

Also in the shopping cart, you can models with mic/remotes for +$2 to +$5 on the regular price, making them $7 or $10 plus shipping. You can also get a braided cable option for +$15, and an expansion pack (various little earbud accessories) for +$5. All these are optional though, you can just get the earbuds for $5 if you don’t want/need anything else. Check the listing over there for pictures of the various variations.

These are expected to ship in early March 2018 from Massdrop, with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing, but then again, one cannot expect a warranty for a $5 item 🙂 Not that it’s stopping Koss from offering limited lifetime warranty on everything they sell 🙂

I don’t have the blue mode, but I bought the red color scheme a few months ago from Massdrop. We have a text and pictures unboxing and a review diary of the red one. Red for Melisandre and R’hllor 😉

PS: if you haven’t heard of these before, they are actual earbuds, not in-ear canal.