VE Monks Plus (Blue) Earbuds for $5 + S&H [MD]

It’s back on again! It’s hype train may not be as strong, because we are easily distracted by newer discoveries, but it still has a special place in audiophoolia, it’s the new condition VE Monks Plus Earbuds (actual earbuds, not in-ears) in the blue color scheme going for $5 plus shipping.

At checkout you have the option between a transparent blue or a midnight/black blue. You have other options at checkout as well. You can get one with a different mic/remote combinations for a few dollars more, or even go for a braided cable, or an accessory pack.

These will ship from Massdrop at around CES 2018 time (early January 2018). There’s no mention of warranty, but let’s get real, it’s a $5 thing 🙂

I don’t have this particular model, I previously bought the red ones and posted a text and pictures unboxing, including a picture of the envelope they ship in 🙂 We also have an (incomplete) review diary of these.

If you need actual earbuds, you can’t go wrong at this price! As long as you can wait for 1.5 months for them that is 🙂 I waited, I survived, and so can you 😉