[DEAD] Thursday: Tennmak PRO IEMs for $23 to $25

These lightning offerings expired…

Thursday’s schedule has some interesting options at the Amazonian Gold Box as follows:

+ ends 4:20pm ET: Tennmak Pro Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ears with detachable cable for $23~ without mic or $25~ with mic/remote in black
+ the white color scheme is not on sale
+ prices before sale $30 to $33; options with and without mic/remote
+ we have a Text and Pictures Unboxing of these; I picked them up during a previous lightning deal, they were $23 for the no-mic/no-remote option; definitely worth the price! They have some bass emphasis but overall a great value; They are worn over the earlobe and that’s just fine because they never fall off my ears; A bit like putting on the Koss KSC-75 clip-ons but at a smaller scale 🙂

+ starts 11:30am ET: BRAINWAVZ HM2 On-Ear Foldables (price before sale $50)

+ starts 12:20mp ET: Brainwavz Delta Red IEMs (price before sale $24)

+ starts 7:15pm ET: Lamicall Headset Holder (recurring lightning deal offer)

+ starts 8pm ET: Brainwavz XL Large Replacement Memory Foam Earpad – various options on the same listing, a total of five