[DEAD] Thursday Rowkin Lightning Deals: Bits, Mini+, and Surge

These daily deals expired…

There’s a handful of Rowkin lightning deals running on Thursday at the Amazonian Gold Box, so we are grouping them all together in this post. The tentative schedule is as follows:

+ starts 1:10pm ET: Rowkin Bit Charge Single (price before sale $50)
+ you only get ONE earbud with this (by design)

+ starts 2pm ET: Rowkin Mini Plus+ (price before sale $50)

+ starts 3:40pm ET: Rowkin Surge with Earhooks (price before sale $100)

+ starts 6pm ET: Rowkin Bit Stereo (price before sale $110)

SAVINGS TIP: a number of them also have green clip-on coupons on their individual product page, so make sure you clip those as well if interested. You lose nothing by clipping the coupons.