Used Xiaomi Piston Fits In-Ears for $12 [Prime eligible]

If you don’t want to wait for weeks for these to get to you from China, especially if you are a Prime member, the Xiaomi Piston Fit in-ears are available for around $12 in used condition through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This link shows the lowest price per color/option. Click on the “See all offers for this product” to see the detailed listings per color/option.

Of the summary link above, the rose-gold is the best bet for $12.06 as it is “Used – Like New” (damaged original packaging) or the silver in similar condition for $13.25. This seems to suggest it’s just imperfect packaging. The black color scheme for $11.69 on the other hand is “Used – Good” (will come repackaged) which suggests a higher risk (opened already, mayhaps used, and such).

The new condition price is $20 (Prime eligible).

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ears for $16 w/free S&H [from China]

They are the Xiaomi Pistons, not the Detroit Pistons! GearBest is having a flash on the silver color scheme of the Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Driver for $16 with free slow shipping from China. You can upgrade shipping to faster or with tracking for additional fees. Earphones are fairly small, so shipping upgrades are not bad if you want/need them.

GearBest is the only seller on their website (unlike big marketplaces like Alibaba where many sellers offer products), so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of random sellers.

These currently go for $26 Prime-shipped sold by Amazon actual

Xiaomi w/USA warranty: Mi PRO In-Ears for $20; On-Ears for $99

The USA version of a couple of Xiaomi headphones are now carried officially by Amazon actual! The black/gold folding Mi Headphones (closed-back, the grills are decorative) are on sale for $99 each, while their MI PRO in-ears are going for $20~ each. They are sold and shipped by Amazon actual, so Prime members get them in two days or so. Or the usual free shipping for non-Prime members. These come with a USA warranty!

Used 1More Piston Fit In-Ear for $11.51+ (Prime eligible)

If you don’t want to wait for these to arrive slowly from China, and don’t want to pay $20 for them in new condition and Prime eligible, there is an alternative, used! At Amazon Warehouse Deals used prices start at $11.51 for the “Rose Gold” color, and $12 for the “Space Gray”. The link above shows the lowest price per color. For the individual listings, click on the “See all offers for this product” next to each color.

Xiaomi Original Headphones for $37 w/free S&H from China

The white color scheme of the relaxed version of the “Original Xiaomi Headphones” is on sale for $37 with free slow shipping from China at The other two colors go for $55. The sale runs for the next five days (from blog-posting time). You can get faster shipping for additional fees.

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Hybrid In-Ears for $17 to $20 w/free S&H from China

Your color scheme preference determines the price on the new condition Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Hybrid In-Ears. The Gold color scheme goes for $17~ by the Xiaomi Store thru Ali Express. Or if you prefer the silver color scheme, you can get it for $20 from GearBest.

Both ship for free from China with slow shipping. Options are available for faster shipping but they are not free.

Xiaomi Pistons Fresh In-Ears for $4 w/free S&H from China [five colors]

If you are collecting all the colors like Pokemons, or want to use them as stocking staffers or wear them in high-risk situations, no matter what, as part of the 11.11 festivities, GearBest is offering the new condition Xiaomi Pistons Fresh In-Ears for $4~ with free slow shipping from China. Four of the colors go for $3.59 each, while the silver goes for $4 each.

Each color has a quantity limit per customer (1 to 3) that seems to adjust based on the available units.

If you are planning a large Xiaomi order, or want to buy some of their more expensive products, the items on this Xiaomi 11.11 page are eligible for coupon code XIAOMI11 that gets you $5 off a purchase of $150+. Eligible items include some of their smartphones, laptops, wearables, and more.

Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Music Sport Earbuds for $25 w/free S&H (from China)

Among the current GearBest Flash Sales they offer the new condition Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Music Sport Earbuds (Mini Version) for $25~ with free slow shipping from China in the black color scheme. The white color scheme is not on sale. It averages 4.63 out of 5 based on 16 customer reviews over there.

PS: these are in-ears, not earbuds, but I kept the name of the product as it is posted on their website if you want look for reviews and such.

KZ ZS5 for $17, KZ ZST for $12 [free shipping from China]

While updating the Latest Deals Summary, two small discounts surfaced on the following KZ earphones. These are sold by GearBest and ship for free with slow-shipping from China:

+ the KZ ZS5 Quad Hybrid In-Ears for $17~

+ the KZ ZST Wired On-cord Control with detachable cable for $12~

UPDATE: speaking of GearBest, they are offering the Xiaomi Pistons (Original Fresh) for $5.79 with free S&H from China. This is slow shipping.

Xiaomi Pistons (Original Fresh) for $6 w/free S&H (from China)

There are many variations now of the Xiaomi Pistons after they were riding the Chi-Fi Hype Train for many months. One of those variations is on sale at GearBest, it is the new condition Original Xiaomi Piston In Ears, the “Fresh Version” in the black color scheme, going for $5.79 with free shipping (unregistered Air Mail). This ships from China, so factor that in the shipping delivery time. Only the black color scheme is on sale.

As of the time of writing, over 1000 units are available, and 35 hours remain in the offer. They timed this to end when Game Of Thrones Season 7 begins 🙂

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Driver Earphones for $16 w/free S&H [from China]

UPDATE: they reloaded their silver color scheme inventory, as of 7/7/17 AM, they have over 460 units available…

If you don’t mind waiting for a shipment to arrive from China, the golden color scheme of the Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers earphones is on sale for $16 with free slow shipping (unregistered) at GearBest. The offer runs for the next four days. The silver is also on sale but as of the time of writing, they have only two pieces left, so it may be sold out by the time you read this.

Xiaomi Original MI Piston Iron Hybrid Earphone for $27 [limit 3]

On the Xiaomi front, from the ever-so-booming world of chi-fi, the Xiaomi Original MI Piston Iron Hybrid earphone, model QTER01JY, is on sale for $27, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. There is another seller offering it (fulfilled by Amazon) and they have a short name, if you are not paying attention you may not notice it. Make sure Amazon is the actual seller, you get the most protection that way… The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or a $49+ order)…

[DEAD] Starts Sun 12pm ET: Xiaomi Original MI Piston Iron Hybrid Sale

This lightning deal expired… I missed this when it was live, so I don’t know what the sale price had been…

[Read more…]

Xiaomi Pistons III now sold directly by Amazon actual ($20)

It’s Pistons time! No, we are not having an ESPN Classic Detroit Pistons Bad Boys viewing party, but it’s the Xiaomi Pistons III, they are now sold directly by Amazon actual for $20 per pair, with a limit of 30 per customer. They average 4 out of 5 based on 300+ customer reviews.

In addition to Amazon actual selling them, there is a separate listing for the same price of $20 from the Xiaomi Amazon store.

Xiaomi Piston 3 In-Ears for $21 (Prime eligible, safe seller)

Xiaomi opened up their own mini Amazon store, so if you wanted to jump on the Xiaomi and/or Pistons bandwagon without having to worry about getting fakes, you can get the Pistons 3 in-ears for $21 from the Xiaomi Amazon store with the order fulfilled by Amazon for $21. So free shipping for Prime members, or with a $49+ order for non-Prime members. These average 4.3 out of 5 based on 17 customer reviews.

NOTE that some of the items are fulfilled by Amazon, others ship from Xiaomi and take longer to arrive. Check each individual listing and its associated shipping estimate. For example, the Mi Hybrid In-Ears ship from Xiaomi and have a long shipping estimate.

PS: these are all the headphones available in the Xiaomi-Amazon store.

Xiaomi Piston Dazzle Edition In-Ears for $6 w/free s&h

The original Xiaomi Pistons (I am assuming this means first generation), in the Dazzle edition, are currently one of the featured deals at TinyDeal for $5.80 with free shipping. They are available in either black or white. They have a 1-button remote/mic. You can buy as many as you like. They are shown as model EEP-455477 over there.

As far as their authenticity is concerned, I have no way of knowing. Most of the 19 customer reviews there are not in english. TinyDeal accepts PayPal as well if you don’t want to hand them over your credit card.

Orderable Now in USA: the $80 Xiaomi On-Ear Headphones

The wait is over! If you are in the USA, you can now purchase the new semi-open on-ear Xiaomi Mi On-Ear headphones for $80. Their online store began accepting orders at 10pm ET on 6/1/15. They even have a “Total Harmonic Distortion Curve” comparing them to the AKG K551 and Sennheiser Urbanite in the middle of the product page. The “Buy It Now” button is semi-hiding at the top right corner, you don’t have to keep scrolling down at that ever-scrolling page 🙂

June 1: you can order the $80 Xiaomi Mi Semi-Open On-Ear headphones

Xiaomi will officially open its US store on June 1st at 10pm eastern (per their facebook), and among the items that will be on sale are their semi-open on-ear headphones, the “Mi Headphones” (50mm drivers) for $80. Xiaomi is perhaps better known so far for their bang for the buck Pistons 2 and 3 in-ears. This is the detailed page for the headphones, with their reliability test data at the bottom. They come with a variety of accessories (bottom of page).