Massdrop: Sony Z7, PHA-3, TTpod T2, etc

A new quartet of offers were added today at members-only Massdrop. As of the time of writing, none of them are fully unlocked, but they have seven days to go, plenty of time for the deals to pickup momentum and reach their lowest price possible (= fully unlocked in their lingo). They are:

  • Sony MDR-Z7 headphones as low as $510 shipped
  • Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo as low as $708 shipped
  • Blue Ever Blue 328R earbuds as low as $20 shipped (actual earbuds)
  • TTPOD T2 IEMs as low as $83 shipped (they go for $90 at amazon)

TTPOD T1 or T1-E IEMs for $30 each

The TTPOD T1 IEMs are fully unlocked for $30 at Massdrop but if you don’t want to deal with Massdrop delays and login-walls buying clubs and such, various marketplace sellers are offering them for $30 fulfilled by Amazon, which means free 2-day Prime shipping for members (or with a $35+ order). At $30, they are available in transparent white or transparent red.

Also going for $30 is the T1-E in blue or transparent gray.

These kinda look like teeth, which may (or may not) make them a good gift idea for anyone working in dentistry 🙂

Massdrop: B&W P7, DACmini, C3 DAP, T1-E, etc

Five more offers were added to members-only (but free for anyone to sign-up for) Massdrop. As of the time of writing, they have 6-7 days to go, and none of them is fully unlocked (= lowest price possible during this particular offering). They are:

  • Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones as low as $350 shipped
  • Soundmagic P30S Portable On-Ears as low as $42.55 shipped
  • TTPOD T1-E IEMs (or dentist ornaments) as low as $30 shipped
  • CEntrance DACmini CX Amp/DAC as low as $400 shipped
  • Colorfly C3 DAP (TI PCM1770, microSD) as low as $82.55 shipped

Massdrop: HD5xx cable, Matrix, Topping, etc

Four more items were added to Massdrop, one of which is fully unlocked as of the time of writing, the Sennheiser HD-5xx ZY Cable goes for $25~ shipped. This fits these models: HD518, HD558, HD595, HD598. Basically current HD 5xx open-back line-up plus good old 595.

Not fully unlocked at the moment are the following items, the Matrix M-Stage HP2 DAC-Amp that could go as low as $210 shipped, the portable Topping NX1 amp that could go as low as $36 shipped, and the TTPOD T1S IEMs that could go as low as $32.50~ shipped. All the items mentioned in this post end in about 6-7 days from blog-posting date here.

Fully Unlocked at Massdrop: Fostex HP-A4 and TTPod and Firestone

Three new offers are up and running at members site Massdrop (free to join), all with five days left (from blog-posting date, not from the day you are reading this), and all three are fully unlocked, which means they have reached the lowest price possible under this particular Massdrop offer. They are:

  • Fostex HP-A4 DAC/Headphone Amp for $308~ shipped
  • TTPODs T1-E IEMs for $30 shipped
  • Firestone Audio Headphone Stand for $40 shipped
  • I cannot calculate sales tax since there are many states and countries

Massdrop Unlocked: Fostex TH-900 for $1116

A new round of offers are up at members-only Massdrop. As of the time of writing, the Fostex TH-900 headphones are fully unlocked for $1116 shipped, with the offer expiring in about seven days from today (today being blog-post date, not the date you are reading this).

Also added but not fully unlocked, with the same seven days from today expiration period are the following three items:

  • TTPOD T1S IEM as low as $32.55 shipped
  • SMSL M8 as low as $180 shipped
  • CEntrance DACmini CX Amp/DAC as low as $400 shipped

Please note I can’t keep track of individual offers as the days go by, that is up to you if you find any items that are of interest. You can only see the offers at the Massdrop website if you are logged on with a free-to-get account. Otherwise the links point to their empty home page. Since most people don’t have a Massdrop account, posting dead links would frustrate the majority of people reading this, so I am not posting any links.

Unlocked at Massdrop: Bravo V2 and Shure SE535

A new wave of offers went up at members-only shopping site Massdrop, and two of those have already reached their lowest price possible. The Bravo V2 amp goes for $60 shipped, while the Shure SE535 IEMs go for $380 shipped. Both expire in about five days from today (today = blog-posting date).

Also launched at Massdrop but not fully unlocked as of the time of writing are the following:

  • Edifier H850 Headphones as low as $48~
  • IEMs: Fidue A63 as low as $42~, TTpod T1S as low as $33~
  • xDuoo TA-01 DAC/Amp as low as $135

Massdrop Fully Unlocked: TCG U-SKIN Portable DAC/Amp for $73

Portable amps and DACs are another area of growth, and Massdrop now has the TCG U-SKIN Portable DAC/Amp fully unlocked (= lowest price during this offer) for $73 shipped. This offers ends in about one day from today (today = blog-posting date). This goes for $80 on eBay (by HazedConfused) and $100 at amazon.

Next up are the TTPOD T2 in-ears, that could go as low as $83 shipped, but it doesn’t look promising. With one day left, they have 3 commits but they need 15 for the lowest price possible to be fully unlocked. It goes for $80 at amazon, sold and shipped by SHENZHENAUDIO.

Unlocked at Massdrop: TTPod T1S IEMs for $32.50

The TTPod T1S IEMs are currently fully unlocked (= lowest price possible) for around $32.50~ shipped at members-only website Massdrop. It is free to join, but only logged on members can view their offers, which is why I am not linking them. This offer expires in about 3 days from today [every post here has a posting date].

Massdrop: TTPOD T2 in-ears fully unlocked for $83

At members-only website Massdrop, the TTPod T2 in-ears are fully unlocked for $75 plus $8 flat shipping. This is the lowest price possible under this offer. There are about six days left on this offer (from blog-posting date). Everyone is free to join, but only joined members can see and purchase the offerings.

Massdrop: TTPod T1-E in-ears unlocked for $30 (also Dunu DN-1000 IEMs)

It’s IEM day at Massdrop, where the TTPod T1-E in-ears are fully unlocked for $30 shipped (end in about five days from today). The Dunu DN-1000 IEMs are offered with a price as low as $165 but they are not fully unlocked as of the time of writing.

UPDATE (2/20/15): the TTPod T1-Es are now available fulfilled by (sold by various marketplace sellers) with prices starting at $30 (white), $32 (transparent), $34.99 (red or blue or purple or black). The usual Amazon free shipping terms apply (Prime or with a $35+ order). Note that the prices are as of this update and may change in the future. Various marketplace sellers are offering them, so pay attention to who each seller is, their ratings, and reputation.

Lots of new Massdrop offers: Shure SE846, Firestone Stand (fully unlocked)

Massdrop (members only, free to join) has a burst of new offers added to their website. There are so many we break them down by fully unlocked and not. The status is as of blog-posting time. Check their website for future updates…

Fully Unlocked
+ Shure SE846 Reference IEM for $830
+ Firestone Audio Headphone Stand for $40

Not Fully Unlocked
+ Philips Fidelio L1 as low as $115
+ Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones as low as $380
+ OSTRY KC06A Inner-Ear Earphones as low as $55
+ TTPOD T1S IEM as low as $33
+ Fidue A63 IEM as low as $42
+ Yulong U100 Audiophile DAC/Amplifier as low as $110 (close to fully unlocked!)
+ FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Amp/DAC as low as $113
+ Aune T1 MK2 Headphone Tube DAC/Amp Combo as low as $170
+ CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4 Portable DAC/Amplifier as low as $560
+ Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier as low as $1205 (funny, they have $10 shipping on a $1200 item!)

Also, don’t forget the AKG K7XX limited edition special we mentioned yesterday. As of blog-posting time, over 1500 have been purchased. They have a limit of 2000 units for this drop!