Topping NX1s headphone amp for $32 w/free S&H [MD]

On the budget side of portable headphone amps, the Topping NX1s (it’s not plural, the “s” is part of the model name), is fully unlocked for $35 with free US shipping at the Massdrop website. It is running for the next two days and change (from blog posting time). It will ship mid-February 2018 from Massdrop, with all sales final, and no mention of warranty in the listing.

It is available in either silver or black. It has 3.5mm audio input and output. The microUSB port is for charging only. It has gain and bass physical switches (two settings each). They have a blanket 16 – 300 ohm recommended headphone impedance.

PS: you can find our recent posts of Massdrop time-sensitive drops using the Massdrop blog tag (this link; bookmark it if you are interested in these type of posts specifically).

Topping MX3 Power/Headphone Amp w/ Bluetooth for $100 [MD]

More action on the Massdrop front as more “drops” have “fully unlocked” (reached the lowest price of this particular Massdrop offer), including the new condition Topping MX3 Power/Headphone Amp w/ Bluetooth going for $100 with free US shipping. This offer is running for next day and change (from blog posting date) and will ship in early February by Massdrop. All sales are final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Topping DX7 Balanced DAC/Amp for $320 [MD]

More action at Massdrop, the new condition Topping DX7 Balanced DAC/Amp is fully unlocked for $320 with free shipping with four days and change left in this offer. Orders will ship in mid-January by Massdrop. All sales are final. There is no mention of warranty on the listing.

Topping NX1 head-amp for $30 w/free S&H from China

The silver color scheme of the TOPPING NX1s headphone amp is currently on sale for $30 with free slow shipping from China at GearBest as yet another one of the 11.11 sales. The black color scheme goes for $5 more which is very close to the price.

TOPPING NX2 DAC/amp for $36 (Prime eligible) [updated]

UPDATE 3/28/17: the lowest price now for the TOPPING NX2 DAC/amp is $36 [WAS $44] with free shipping, offered by a marketplace seller with the fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members can get them in around two days or so. (Original post 3/26/17).

Massdrop: Topping D30 DAC and/or A30 Headphone Amp

This is more of a complicated offer at members-only Massdrop, but it is fully unlocked. Shipping is $9 flat regardless of purchase, and the offer has seven days to go, and will ship early March 2017. The options are, with prices _before_ shipping:

  • Topping A30 headphone amp for $85
  • Topping D30 DAC for $100
  • both of the above for $185 (no combined purchase discount)

Topping D30 DAC for $108 [MD]

Another offering is now fully unlocked at Massdrop, it is the Topping D30 DAC going for $100 plus $8~ flat shipping. The offer is running for the next seven days (from blog-posting date; give or take), and it is expected to ship in late January 2017. This is a DAC only, with three inputs (USB, coax, optical) and one output (RCA).

Massdrop: BeyerD T90, Fiio, Topping, NuForce

Four more items are now up at members-only Massdrop. As of the time of writing, they have 5-7 days to go, and none of them is fully unlocked (yet). They are:

* Beyerdynamic T90 could go as low as $450 shipped
* Nuforce NE-600X as low as $9 shipped
* Topping NX1 Headphone Amp as low as $36~ shipped
* FiiO E18 Kunlun Portable DAC/Amp as low as $135 shipped

Used Topping NX1 portable amp for $34

The new condition Topping NX1 portable headphone amp goes for $40 but if you want to save a bit and a byte, you can get it for $34 in “Used – Very Good” condition (damaged original packaging, cosmetic imperfection) by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Massdrop: HD5xx cable, Matrix, Topping, etc

Four more items were added to Massdrop, one of which is fully unlocked as of the time of writing, the Sennheiser HD-5xx ZY Cable goes for $25~ shipped. This fits these models: HD518, HD558, HD595, HD598. Basically current HD 5xx open-back line-up plus good old 595.

Not fully unlocked at the moment are the following items, the Matrix M-Stage HP2 DAC-Amp that could go as low as $210 shipped, the portable Topping NX1 amp that could go as low as $36 shipped, and the TTPOD T1S IEMs that could go as low as $32.50~ shipped. All the items mentioned in this post end in about 6-7 days from blog-posting date here.

Massdrop: Topping NX1 Headphone Amp for $36

The Topping NX1 Headphone Amp is fully unlocked for $36 shipped at members only website Massdrop. This is the lowest price possible through this offer which expires in about seven days. Only registered members to their website can see the offers, everybody else gets redirected to the front page, which is why I don’t include links, because they would create confusion among non-members who would expect to see the offer and instead would get the front page.

On the other hand, if you prefer to shop at mainstream retailers, you can get it for $39 with free shipping, fulfilled by Amazon (sold by various marketplace sellers) where it averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 51 customer reviews, and has 15 questions answered.

New at Massdrop: Topping, xDuoo, Ecci

A trio of new offers have “dropped” today at Massdrop (reminder: members only but free to join). None of them are “fully unlocked” (= lowest price possible) as of the time of writing:

+ ECCI PR300 MKII as low as $52
+ xDuoo UA-05 DAC/Amp as low as $188
+ Topping NX1 Headphone Amp as low as $36
+ all are limited time offers