LIVE NOW: Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Linear Amplifier for $350

UPDATE Friday 10am ET: this is now LIVE! 77 units have been purchased after one hour of this running. A total of 480 units are available for this drop. It will ship in late October 2018. That’s almost a baby (eight months from now)..

A new product world premiere is happening at Massdrop on Friday at 9am eastern! They will launch the drop for the new condition Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Linear Amplifier. The price will be $350 with free US shipping. Each unit will be serialized and the first 490 purchases will get a serial number under 500 per the listing. Since this is a co-promotion, an “x” product (yes, they are shipping themselves) it comes wtih a 1-year manufacturer warranty, always a welcome sight 🙂 The shipping estimate will be revealed after the offer goes live on Friday morning.

The brains behind the operation talked about this technology on Episode #242 of Home Theater Geeks (fear not, there is no Leo Laporte in the video), which you can also find YouTube-embedded below:

PS: I just now realized, “Home Theater Geeks” is no longer running new episodes. Their last episode was September 2017. Scott explained the reason for the cancellation in the AVS Forums [“purely economic”]…