Shanling H1 portable head-amp for $110 (ships from China)

Among the various Shanling options participating in the 11.11 festivities is the new condition Shanling H1 portable head-amp offered for $110~ with free shipping from China by the Bright Audio store through AliExpress.

There are also some 11.11 offers on their digital audio players including the M1, M2s, M3s, M5, and more.

[DEAD] MEE M6 PRO in-ears for $40, Shanling M5 for $382, Stones Mono Vinyl $257

These daily deals expired…

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Shanling M1 Square DAP for $129 [MD]

The underground resurgence of DAPs (digital audio players) is fascinating, and there’s a lot of diversity in the market, from the $20 Chinese OEM to the whole Fiio line-up, to four-figure flagships, and just about anything in between. Some of the DAPs are more square and boxy…

… which brings us to the small little thing that is the Shanling M1, unlocked at Massdrop for $129 with free shipping. Despite its size, the thickness holds DSD and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but it can also be used as a USB DAC or even as a USB transport. Storage is a microSD slot (up to 256GB). It can go up to 24-bit 192kHz, and supports DSD64 and 128. Full specs on their website.

It is available in three color schemes, with the offer shipping in February 2017. It runs for the next six days.

Shanling UP Portable DAC/Amp for $133.50 [MD]

Another portable USB DAC/amp, and one that serves four different cables (full size USB, micro-USB, USB-C, Lightning). It is the Shanling UP Portable DAC/Amp, currently fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop for $130 plus $3.50 flat shipping. The offer runs for the next seven days (from today) and will ship mid-to-late January 2017, so patience is a four cable virtue 😉

Shanling M5 DAP for $348 [MD]

More DAP action, this time at Massdrop, where the slow-burn finally got the Shanling M5 digital audio player fully unlocked for $340 plus $8 flat shipping. This is available in either black or silver color schemes and can support up to 32-bit 384 kHz and DSD 64 and 128. This will ship in mid-October 2016. All sales are final and the offer has another six days to go (from blog-posting time).

If you instead prefer near-instant gratification, it offered for $400 with free S&H by ShenZenAudio through NewEgg Flash.

Starts Wedn 9:54pm ET: SHANLING M2 DAP sale

Wednesday looks like it’s gonna be a less busy day at the Amazon Gold Box. As of posting time (Wednesday 12:20am ET), there are only 1000 Lightning Deals scheduled. On a typical day, Electronics alone has 300+, but only 92 at the moment.

Of headphone-y interest, there is just one item that is not a generic earbud, starting at 9:54pm ET, they will have a lightning deal on the SHANLING M2 DSD DAP. The price before the sale is $200. There is only one seller for this, which means they will be the one offering it (“Gemini Doctor” is the seller’s name). They are fulfilled by Amazon, so you get Prime shipping and Amazon customer support. An extra layer of safety in case of troubles or issues.

[DEAD] Ends Fri 3:24pm ET: SHANLING M2 DSD DAP for $170 [updated]

These daily offers expired…

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Massdrop: Astrotec, Shanling, Matrix

Three more items were added to Massdrop, with offers for the first two ending in seven days, while the last ends in 14 days (from the blog-posting date):

+ Matrix M-Stage HP2 Amplifier/DAC as low as $250 shipped
+ Shanling M3 DAP as low as $308 shipped
+ Astrotec Lyra Earbuds as low as $100 shipped