Repurposing Ideas: 24 pocket OTD Organizer for $8

Are you looking for a way to have your earphones (stored in their own pouches or bags) protected from the indoors elements but still very easily accessible? How about an …over the door organizer! The AmazonBasics OTD organizers are on sale as follows: the 24-pocket goes for $8~, and the 20-pocket goes for $9~. Check pictures and measurements and customer reviews and answered questions to make sure this is something that would realistically work for you.

[DEAD] Repurpose This (earphone/DAP case): Small Nikon Camera Bag for $1.25 with free shipping

Party’s over, the sale ended…

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Repurpose This: 2pk Anker Universal Waterproof Case for $7

We have another “Repurpose This” item. If your [Edit: NOT “you are”] digital audio players or DAC/amps are shaped like a modern smartphone (or smaller), Anker is having a sale of their universal IPX8 waterproof cases, they are going for $8 as a 2-pack, sold by the Anker Direct store and the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping (not an Add-On item).

Repurposing: 2pk Guitar Wall Hangers for $4

Their primary use is guitar wall hangers, but you could also repurpose them as headphone or earphone hangers or stand. IF they are strong enough to hold a guitar, they can certainly hold a headphone/earphone. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time unknown It is a 2pk of Guitar Wall Hangers for $4. You can buy as many as you like.

Don’t tell the Amazon bots, but this is NOT an Add-On item, so if you are a Prime member, you can get one 2-pack for $4 and still get free 2-day shipping [or select no-rush shipping and get a $1 digital credit]

Repurpose this: K-Cup Drawer for Earphones and Accessories

And now another wild idea from our “Repurposing Department”. If you like to store your earphones and their assorted accessories in a drawer-style configuration, here’s a repurposing idea: use the storage drawers for K-cups! You can get a very estimate of the available space based on the size of a K-cup.

For example, this $13 Mind Reader Anchor Triple Drawer has three drawers. Each drawer holds 12 K-Cups, in rows of two. So you know the size of the drawer, it is two K-Cups wide, six K-Cups deep, and one K-Cup tall. They have different colors/styles on the same listing. Some of them include a free basic milk frother. Do not use that to change the sound signature of your headphones 😉

I can’t tell from the picture whether these things are stackable. They are intended to hold K-Cup machines, so they should be more than strong enough to hold a headphone stand with heavy headphones on it.

Some DAPS can also fit inside. For example, the Fiio X1 DAP is less than two K-Cups wide, less than one K-Cup tall, and less than three K-Cups deep.

PS: all apologies to coffee purists for subjecting you to and/or triggering you with K-Cup mentions 🙂

[DEAD] Repurposing: 25-compartment (removable) Stanley organizer for $8

As of a late 6/27/17 PM re-check, their price went up…

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Repurposing for Earphones or Cables: 5pk screw-mounted brushed-finish hooks for $10

This is a repurposing idea for hanging earphones (either to air them out or for easy access) and hanging detachable cables. They won’t work for most over/on-ear headphones because they are less than an inch across. It is a 5-pack of screw-mounted brushed-finish hooks going for $10 by KES with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime eligible.

Check Amazon Gallery picture #2 for the dimensions (in the pictures, they look larger than they are, so do check the dimensions!), and picture #6 to see what’s included (screws and anchors). I haven’t done this particular repurposing, so this post is based on the product description over there.

Repurposing idea for earphones: Neck Stash Wallet for $1.94

This is another crazy idea from “The Repurposing Department”, this AmazonBasics RFID Travel Neck Stash Wallet is down to $1.94 in new condition. It is an ADD-ON item with a limit of 4 per customer, so you must place a $25+ order if you want to buy it. Judging by the pictures there, this could be useful as an earphone case given the price. I don’t have this, so I’m only going by the listing. Check dimensions and reviews and such to see if this is something you want to take a chance on.

You don’t have to wear around your neck, you can put it in a bag or briefcase or backpack. There are a few customer pictures of it as well. For its intended use, it averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews.

Repurposing: Used Power disc holder for $1.40 w/free Prime shipping

From the repurposing department, this POWER A Infinity 3.0 Power Disc Wallet is available in “Used – Like New” condition for $1.40 at Amazon Warehouse Deals, with free shipping for Prime members. This can be repurposed for storing earphones or other related accessories of that size. Here’s a picture of it with the VE Monks earbuds…

A brief review, along with more pictures with other earphones and devices in this previous post.

Here Now With Pictures: Repurposing as Earphone Case: Infinity Power disc holder for $1.45 [used]

As promised on Monday, it has just arrived! I tried a few items and took some quick pictures. It is the Infinity Power disc holder on sale in new condition for $2.50 at Amazon by Amazon actual (free shipping for Prime members) or in “Used – Like New” condition for $1.45 with free shipping for Prime members (or with a $35+) by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Updated 2/26/17…

Things to consider

+ this is not a hard shell case. The ring wiring of the lid up top and at the bottom is solid but the main body is soft. So this will protect from dust and dirt and such and minor impact, but not from hard impact
+ there is no padding inside, other than the material it is made of
+ the zipper has a thick plastic pull tab making it easier to use
+ also has a built-in clasp hook on the back
+ the bottom (on the outside) says Star Wars in big white print

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Repurposing as Earphone Case: Disney Infinity Power disc holder for $2.49

I haven’t tried this particular item, I am only going by the pictures and product description, but this could be repurposed as an earphone case (or accessory holder), it is a Disney Infinity Power Disc holder (holds up to 12 discs) with a zipper up top. It is currently on sale for $2.49 each, with free shipping for Prime members (not an Add-On item *fingers crossed*) at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer. The product description states “3.1 x 3.1 x 2.5 inches” as dimensions. I don’t know if these are external or internal.

The first of the customer reviews has a couple of pictures that give you a better sense of size/shape.

I just bought one to test it, but it won’t get here until at some point on Wednesday, the sale may be over by then.

PS: you can also get in “Used – Like New” condition for $1.43 with free shipping for Prime members (or with a $49+) by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Repurposed Accessories: Lowepro camera bag (as earphone or DAP case) for $2 with free shipping [updated]

This is a “repurposing deal”. Sometimes those small camera bags can be a great way to store earphones, as long as they fit comfortably inside. This depends on both the earphones, how you store them, and the dimensions of the bag. I don’t have this particular bag, so I can’t give you a first hand account of what fits and what doesn’t. I’ve done this with other small camera bags. You can also use it to store other devices, such as smaller DAPs, or assorted accessories (interconnects, adapters, memory cards, OTG cables, etc).

With that out of the way, the Lowepro Ridge 30 Camera Bag is on sale for $2 with free shipping by Best Buy’s eBay store. Limit five per customer.

Meanwhile the one mentioned in the original post, the Lowepro Geneva 10 camera bag is now going for $3.49 with free shipping by the Ritz Cameras store on eBay. This was $0.99 with free shipping when it was initially posted. There’s no purchase quantity limit per customer, and they sold over 2750 units from this offer so far.

Repurposed Accessories: Small Camera Case (for Earphones) for $1.57

From the Repurposing Accessories Department, this small AmazonBasics Small Camera Case is on sale for $1.57 each, in new condition, and it comes in those sturdy AB cardboard boxes too that you can repurpose (unless they recently changed their packaging). This is great for small and medium size earphones, plus it has a second smaller compartment you can store eargels, 1/4″ adapters, etc. I will do a post on these in the future, but I can’t stop time and do it now 🙂 The only catch is that this is an Add-On item, so you must place a $25+ order in order to buy it. Limit up to three of this per customer. You can combine this with other Add-On items to get to $25+, some ideas in the second paragraph of this post.

Speaking of repurposing accessories, this is the office supplies clearance season, you may find them at crazy low prices as retailers try to make room for the holiday shopping season. Some ideas in the Repurposing Office Supplies post.

Repurposing Accessories: $2 Camera Bag shipped [for Earphone protection]

Sometimes a more affordable way for accessories is repurposing something that is made for some other use. One such case (pun intended) is taking small camera bags and using them to protect earphones, Which brings us to a limited time sale on eBay, Best Buy is offering this blue Lowepro Camera Bag for $2 with free shipping. Up to five per eBay member during this limited time offer.

PS: you have to Add to Cart or click on the Price “See Details” to see the $2 price. It’s part of the MAP song and dance unfortunately.

Repurposed Accessories: Camera Case under $2 (for Earphones)

Re-purposing is a great way to save if you don’t need or want to have branded accessories. Often earphone cases carry a premium, but if you don’t need one with a matching logo, a number of other things can also protect earphones, from Altoid tins to Travel Soap boxes. Or if you want more cushioning for your earphones, small camera bags can definitely do the trick, and they often have an extra pocket (eg for ear tips).

Which brings us to this small Amazon-Basics Camera Case currently selling ~ in new condition ~ for under $2 at You can buy up to three at the sale price. There is only one catch, it’s an Add-On Item, so you have to place an order of over $25 if you want to buy this (or any other Add-On Item). You can reach the $25+ limit with any combination of items shipping from Amazon facitilties (by Amazon actual or fulfilled by Amazon) ~ even if it’s only Add-On items.

Repurposed: 99c case for earphones at B&M (reclosable soap dish box)

IF you like practical bang for the buck repurposed earphone cases, you may want to check your local brick and mortar household stores or sections. while strolling at Bed, Bath and Beyond (Linens and Things is out of business, so I can no longer confuse the two), I noticed two different sizes of reclosable soap dish boxes going for 99c regular price, and available in multiple colors, including almost see-through/transparent. One opened briefcase-style, the smaller one opened up top. For bonus points, you can line it with bubble mailer or other protective material so the earphones won’t bump against the sides.

Plus, there is something priceless when you are at the office or at a coffee shop and you open a soap dish box and pull out earphones – on-lookers can get confused and/or entertained 🙂

Other stores (including dollar stores) probably have them as well at similar prices. I just spotted them at BBB.