Blue Microphones Mix-Fi with $100 promo e-gift card for $240 after coupon

Mix-Fi is the artist formerly known as Mo-Fi, a powered (built-in amplifier) over-ear headphone from Blue Microphones. Thanks to a double stackable promotion at NewEgg by NewEgg actual. Limited time promo code 420MQTYS20A drops the price from $300 to $240 and at the same time, you get a $100 promotional NewEgg e-gift card, which expires one year after it is issued, so you have plenty of time to use it.

PS: even though these are powered, they are not ANC, and they are not bluetooth!

Open-box Blue Microphones ELLA planar-magnetic drop to $550

The last time we posted about the Blue Microphones ELLA planar-magnetic and powered headphones they were going for $590 in open-box condition, but now they have dripped further down, going for $550 with free shipping in open-box condition by authorized dealer OneCall directly or through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Per the listing, they come with a full warranty.

Refurbished JBL Synchros Chrome Edition (Powered) for $90 with FREE 2nd Day Air

The official JBL store is offering the recertified JBL Synchros Chrome Edition closed-back over-ear powered headphones for $90 with free 2nd day air shipping. All headphones and speakers of $19.95+ get this free 2nd day promotion in the shopping cart (select appropriate option).

These are powered using JBL’s “Live Stage” technology/buzzword, but they are not bluetooth or ANC. The powering is done by two AAA batteries [you can get a 12 AmazonBasics rechargeables for $12].

Refurbished JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ears for $65 with free 2-day Air shipping

The current featured refurbished headphone deal at the refurbished Harman Audio website is the recertified JBL powered Synchros S500 closed-back over-ear headphones going for $65 with free 2-day Air shipping and warranty. They are available in two color schemes. They are powered by two AAA batteries, so a plus for fans of using rechargeables (as opposed to built-in batteries).

Speaking of JBL, the new condition JBL LSR308 8″ Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor is on sale for $129 with free shipping at B&H Photo and Amazon actual (limit three per customer).

[DEAD] Thursday: Blue Mic Mo-FI Powered Headphones + Blackout Yeti Mic for $140

This daily deal sold out before it expired…

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[DEAD] Blue Mic Powered Mo-Fi headphones + Blackout Yeti Mic for $181

These were flying under the radar since Black Friday but Amazon made them a deal of the day and they sold out…

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[DEAD] Blue Mic Mo-Fi headphones+ Blackout Yeti Mic for $175

These were flying under the radar since Black Friday but Amazon made them a deal of the day and they sold out…

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[DEAD] Blue Microphones MIX-FI Powered headphones for $200

These sales ended…

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[DEAD] Cleer DJ Professional Closed Powered Over-Ears for $169

This sale ended…

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[DEAD] Refurbished JBL S500 Powered Headphones for $80

This weekly sale expired…

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[DEAD] Beyerdynamic DT-297-V11-MKII-80 for $280 after coupon

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Refurbished JBL Synchros S700 Powered Over-Ears for $100

This weekly sale expired…

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International Sony MDR-1A DAC for $250

If you are comfortable with international versions of headphones (without Sony USA) warranty, the new condition powered Sony MDR-1A DAC is on sale for $250 with free shipping by 6ave through the Rakuten website.

If you prefer new condition with a USA warranty, coupon code ACC17 drops it from $400 to $340 at Musician’s Friend. Coupon expires 8/25/17.

[DEAD] Blue Microphones Mo-FI Powered Over-Ears for $175

This offer expired. For the latest updates, check the Latest Deals Summary

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Used Blue Ella Planars for $491

The new conditinon Blue Microphones Ella planar-magnetic headphones go for $700, but if you are comfortable with used headphones, you can get them for $491~ in “Used – Very Good” condition (minor cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) or $521~ in “Used – Like New”, both of these offers by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. These are also powered, not just planars, they have a built-in amp.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier for $48

Powered non-ANC, non-Bluetooth headphones are rare, but not as rare as they used to be. Skullcandy (trigger warning for some audiophiles) has 15 different color schemes (!) for their Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier (powered by a AA battery in the earcup) and they are on sale with varying different prices. The lowest of them is the White color scheme going for around $48 at, with the microfloral a close second at $49~, and RealTree Dark Tan for $50. A number of sellers offer each color, check each color listing.

PS: File this under April Fool’s Day ideas: the color of the headphone affects its sound signature because …solar rays and heat absorption 🙂

PS2: speaking of powered headphones, the Blue Microphone’s Mo-Fi continues to go for $210, while the unpowered LOLA also continues for $125. Both have a few weeks estimated shipment delay.

Blue MO-FI (powered, wired, over-ears) for $245

The Blue LOLA Closed Over-Ears (wired, unpowered headphones) continue to be on sale for $137 (ship in 1-3 months; limit up to three per customer), but now the sale is joined by their Mo-Fi Powered Headphones (wired, powered, closed-back) going for $245 by Amazon actual. The shipping estimate for these is 2-5 weeks. Amazon’s shipping estimates can be conservative at times, however, if you need something by a specific date or a specific occasion, do not assume they’ll arrive faster or on-time.

A quick refresher on the Blue Microphones line-up. The powered Mo-Fi were their claim to fame, along with their unique design. Then came Lola (a wired, unpowered, un-wireless headphones). Then at CES 2017 they introduced a trio of new headphones. Mo-Fi got a follow-up in the powered headphones category with the Sadie. They also entered two new market segments, planar-magnetics with the Ella (how does it sound with Ella Fitzgerald?), and bluetooth with the Satellite.

JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ears for $48 with free S&H after coupon

One of the offers participating in the new 10% off eBay coupon code PJUNESAVINGS10 that gets you 10% off qualifying products priced $25+ is the “New – Other” condition JBL Synchros S500 Powered Headphones [CORRECTED LINK!] offered for $53 with free shipping before coupn. The 10% off coupon drops them to under $48.

Their condition in the listing over there is described by Brooklyn seller “Poppy Deals” (99.6%) as being new condition but not in the retail packaging to save on shipping. As usual, these type of offers have a higher risk than buying new-in-retail-box from authorized and well-known dealers, so it’s up to you to decide where you draw the line on risk taking.

These are wired but powered. Their circuit is powered by two AAA batteries, which is a plus if you are a fan of rechargeables or have a giant container full of single use batteries. The carrying case and the two cables are included in the package.

The coupon expires 6/9/17 at 11:59pm PST.

JBL NBA licensed On-Ear headphones for $50 (six teams)

The NBA Playoffs are here, so if you feel particularly motivated to externalize team spirit through your audio purchases [that almost sounded like audiophile-magazine-speak] the official JBL store is offering the JBL Synchros S300 NBA Edition on-ear headphones for $50 per pair in six licensed NBA team designs: the Bulls, the Fakers, the Knicks (SAD!), the Oklahoma Thunder-Sonics, the Duncan Spurs, and the Boston Celtics. Free shipping.

Speaking of JBL, their Synchros Chrome Edition Over-Ears (powered headphones) are on sale for $95 with free shipping. The powering is done with 2 AAA batteries, not a built-in battery, so a plus for fans of rechargeable/removable batteries (eg Eneloop 8pk for $15~).

Now shipping: Blue Sadie powered headphones for $400

The Blue Microphones Sadie powered headphones that were announced at CES 2017 are now in-stock and ready to ship for $400 at Amazon by Amazon actual. For some reason Amazon put them on the same listing as the older Mo-Fi, so when reading reviews and perusing, make sure you are looking at the Sadie, not the Mo-Fi.

PS: this should not be confused with the planar-magnetic Blue Ella which is in-stock for $700 at various retailers.

Fry’s Weekly Promo Code: Fiio X3 II for $147, Blue MoFi for $190, AT ANC27X for $30

Fry’s is now doing most of their discounts through unique coupon codes each email subscriber receives when they sign-up (for free) for their emailing list. The promo code for this shopping week (February 19-25 in 2017) gets you the following items:

+ Audio Technica ATH-ANC27X ANC headphones for $30 (limit 2)
+ Fiio X3 II digital audio player for $147 (limit 1)
+ Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered Over-Ears for $190 (limit 1)
+ the above three offers are good either in-store or online

Pre-order new Blue Ella Planars and Sadie Powered

All aboard the Planar Hype Train! Blue Microphones revealed a trio of new headphones at CES 2017, and two of those three are now available for pre-order as follows:

+ “Ella” planar-magnetic closed-back for $700 at and

+ “Sadie” powered closed-back for $400 at and

+ “Satellite” (bluetooth, ANC, and obviously powered) has no price or release date or detailed specs yet

PS: I am using the Powered category here on this blog to denote headphones that have a built-in amplifier IF they are not bluetooth/ANC. In other words, the built-in amp is a feature, not a necessity. Or something like that 🙂

PS2: once I finish “digesting” all the new CES 2017 headphones, I will update the Headphone Tracker by adding the new models and removing the ones that have been steadily in-stock. So it will the contain pre-release and hard-to-find headphones only. It’s easier to do one big update instead of doing many small incremental updates, so stay tuned! It will be completed this week #EmptyPromises 🙂

[DEAD] Refurbished JBL Synchros Slate (Powered by two AA) for $24 w/free S&H with coupon

These are SOLD OUT as of 9/30/16 AM re-checking…

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JBL Synchros Slate Over-Ears for $40 (Open Box or Refurbished) [Powered by 2 AA batteries]

These are not wireless but they are powered headphones, they take two AA batteries to activate JBL’s proprietary “Live Stage” technology-marketing. They are the closed-back over-ear JBL Synchros Slate going for $40 with free shipping in two different options:

+ open-box by All 4 Cellular (A4C) directly

+ certified refurbished by A4C fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible)

[DEAD] Friday w/Fry’s Promo Coupons: JBL Synchros S500 for $70

This limited time offer expired…
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