OSTRY KC06 IEMs for $40 w/free S&H [MD]

On the affordable side of things, the new condition OSTRY KC06 IEMs are fully unlocked at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop website for $40 with free US shipping. The offer runs for the next three days and change (from blog posting date). They will be shipped from Massdrop in mid-February (happy Valentine’s day with a shipment email!), with all sales final, and no mention of warranty in the listing.

For Massdrop offers that are running like “normal” retail purchases, check our Massdrop Tracker post.

Ostry KC09 IEMs for $70 + S&H [MD]

You don’t want to be Ostry-cized from the Ostry fan club for not having this. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun 🙂

Running for the next four days and change, Massdrop is offering the new condition Ostry KC09 IEMs for $70 plus shipping. All sales final. These will ship from Massdrop in late January 2018. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

OSTRY KC06A In-Ears for $45 w/free S&H [MD]

This got fully unlocked today, and running for the next four days, it is the new condition OSTRY KC06A In-Ears going for $45 with free shipping through Massdrop. These will ship from Massdrop in the first week of December 2017.

The KC06A is a newer, more improved version of the KC06.

OSTRY KC06A In-Ears for $45 w/free S&H [MD]

The new condition OSTRY KC06A in-ears are now fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop for $45 with free shipping with a late October 2017 shipment estimate. The KC06A model is a follow up to the original KC06. They come with a soft drawstring pouch, extra eartips, and related accessories.

If you prefer the original KC06, or want fast delivery, Shenzhen Audio is selling the OSTRY KC06 with a FREE set of FanMusic Ear Tips for $46 with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get them in about two days. To get the free Fanmusic eartips, add both earphones and eartips to the shopping cart. Shenzhen Audio fulfilled by Amazon MUST be the seller of both, otherwise the shopping cart won’t give them to you for free. There’s no coupon needed.

OSTRY KC06A In-Ears for $53 w/free S&H from Asia

Another chi-fi model is on sale at NewEgg, this one ships for free directly from Asia by Shenzhenaudio, it is the OSTRY KC06A In-Ears going for $53 with free shipping. Limit 20 per customer, so you can become a mini massdrop and split them with your friends 🙂 The sale ends on Shop-Small Saturday (11/26/16).

Massdrop: OStry KC06A in-ears for $55 shipped (also added: BeyerD T90 and DT900-600-Manu)

New droppings have dropped at Massdrop, and as of the time of writing, with seven days to go, the OSTRY KC06A Inner-Ear Earphones are fully unlocked for $50 plus $5 flat shipping. Added there, but not fully unlocked as of the time of writing, with seven days to go each are two beyerdynamics:

* Beyerdynamic T90 could go as low as $400 shipped
* Beyerdynamic Manufaktur DT 990 600 Ohm could go for $280 shipped

Lots of new Massdrop offers: Shure SE846, Firestone Stand (fully unlocked)

Massdrop (members only, free to join) has a burst of new offers added to their website. There are so many we break them down by fully unlocked and not. The status is as of blog-posting time. Check their website for future updates…

Fully Unlocked
+ Shure SE846 Reference IEM for $830
+ Firestone Audio Headphone Stand for $40

Not Fully Unlocked
+ Philips Fidelio L1 as low as $115
+ Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones as low as $380
+ OSTRY KC06A Inner-Ear Earphones as low as $55
+ TTPOD T1S IEM as low as $33
+ Fidue A63 IEM as low as $42
+ Yulong U100 Audiophile DAC/Amplifier as low as $110 (close to fully unlocked!)
+ FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Amp/DAC as low as $113
+ Aune T1 MK2 Headphone Tube DAC/Amp Combo as low as $170
+ CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4 Portable DAC/Amplifier as low as $560
+ Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier as low as $1205 (funny, they have $10 shipping on a $1200 item!)

Also, don’t forget the AKG K7XX limited edition special we mentioned yesterday. As of blog-posting time, over 1500 have been purchased. They have a limit of 2000 units for this drop!