Sunday Bluetooths: TCL ANC/BT Over-Ears, A-T neckband

TCL has been [trying to] make a powerplay in the US consumer electronics market and they have also entered the highly contested ANC/bluetooth combo over-ear headphone market and one of their models, the ELIT400NC is the headliner of the Best Buy daily deals for Sunday 8/30/20 offered for $70 in the midnight blue color scheme… As of the time of writing this averages 3.8 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews… This runs Bluetooth version 4.2, not the most recent 5.x

From one of the upstart brands we go to one of the big Japanese headphone brand, Audio Technica, their ATH-DSR5BT neckband bluetooth earphones are on sale for $90 with free US shipping at B&H Photo as one of their deals of the day. This too runs Bluetooth 4.2…

Not a bluetooth but among the Sunday NewEGG daily deals there’s the green/white Pioneer SE-MJ-503-G closed-back on-ears going for the very modest price of $10 with free US shipping. This is another historically highly-contested segment with entries as old as the Sony ZX-series and attempts at it by many relative newcomers (AmazonBasics, Monoprice, etc) to the world of audio…

Wedn: Klipsch earphones: AS-5i for $20, R5 wireless for $50

Woot’s Wednesday October 30 (2019) deals of the day include a duo of Klipsch earphones on sale. In new condition,with a 1-year warranty from Klipsch. Just don’t get caught by r/headphones users wearing them because instant ostracisation is very likely 😉

The two earphones are:

+ AS-5i sport earphones with ear-hooks for $20

+ R5 wireless (bluetooth) neckband earphones for $50

Limit up to ten per customer. Sale ends at 11:59pm central or earlier if sold out…

Tuesday: Eargasm Earplus for $19, Klipsch R5 neckband bluetooth earphonesfor $48

There are not one but TWO headphone-related products in the Tuesday daily deals at the Woot website. At the main Woot, you can get the new condition Klipsch R5 neckband bluetooth earphones for $48 in your choice of brown or black with a 1-year manufacturer warranty… And at Sellout (now known as “Clearance”), you can get the new condition EarGasm high fidelity earplugs (they do not play music) in a gift box for $19 in the rainbow color scheme with up to three per customer at the sale price. These come with a 90-day Woot warranty…

All these end at 11:59pm central time (Woot is in Austin::Texas) on Tuesday June the 18th of the Year 2019. Shipping is free for Prime members ~ you have to connect as a one-time activity your Woot and Amazon Prime accounts. Non-Prime members pay a flat $6 shipping fee for ALL purchases made in a calendar day (eg from Tuesday at 00:01am until 11:59pm in the central time zone)…

Tue: Sennheiser PMX 894i neckband exercise wired earphones for $20

It’s Sennheiser action among the daily deals at B&H Photo for Tuesday, it’s the new condition PMX 684i neckband earphones (wired, not bluetooth) with iOS mic/remote and designed for exercise going for $20. You can buy as many as you like at the same price.

[DEAD] Wedn: LG HBS-780 Tone Pro Neckband BT Earphones for $35

This daily deal ended…

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Refurbished Sony WI-1000X Neckband BT Earphones for $200

The Sony WI-1000X neckband bluetooth earphones (that came out at the same time as the WM-1000X M2 over-ears) go for $300 in new condition, but if you don’t want to wait for future sales and want to save some now, you can get them in manufacturer refurbished condition for $200 by Secondipity on eBay and by Secondipity through Amazon (not Prime eligible).

Refurbished with 1-yr seller warranty and free S&H: Sol Tracks HD On-Ears for $18, Samsung Level U PRO $20, BackBeat Go $10, Etc

On the budget side of things, and with free shipping regardless of order total, Techrabbit is running a 20 items for under $20 sale that includes the following headphones:

+ refurbished Samsung Level U PRO neckband bluetooth earphones for $20

+ refurbished Plantronics BackBeat Go bluetooth earphones for $10

+ refurbished JBL YurBuds Focus 400 earphones for $5

+ refurbished Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ears for $18

+ they come with a 1-year warranty from Techrabbit

[DEAD] Klipsch R6 neckband bluetooth earphones for $60

This coupon expired…

It’s coupon time at BuyDig! They are offering the new condition Klipsch R6 neckband bluetooth earphones for $60 with free shipping when you enter coupon code CP2796 over there until 11/13/17.

[DEAD] Tuesday: refurbished LG Tone Pro HBS-780 Bluetooth Neckband Earphones for $20 w/free S&H

This offer is over too…

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[DEAD] Sennheiser HD1 bluetooth neckband earphones for $150

UPDATE 10/25/17 9AM ET: this sale is OVER! It’s back to $200…

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Used Sony MDR-XB70-BT bluetooth neckband earphones for $25

The Sony MDR-XB70-BT bluetooth neckband earphones are available in “Used – Good” condition for $25~ but in many more listings in “Used – Very Good” condition for $27~, and a few more in “Used – Like New” for $28~, all these sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

The link above only shows listings by AWD actual. This listing shows all offers by all marketplace sellers.

They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 78 customer reviews.

Anker SoundBuds Lite Bluetooth Neckband Earphones for $20

Another one of the budget neckband bluetooth earphones but made by a well-known smartphone-era manufacturer. The new condition Anker SoundBuds Lite Bluetooth neckband earphones are currently on sale for $20 each, sold by Anker Direct, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping. Otherwise free shipping with $25+ orders.

This is not a lightning deal but an old fashioned sale. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 160+ customer reviews. They are available in two colors and marketed for exercise.

Soundpeats Upgraded Q800 bluetooth neckband earphones for $19

Another “popular among Amazon shoppers” budget neckband bluetooth earphone is on sale, it’s the new condition upgraded version of the Soundpeats Q800 going for $19 with free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. Limit up to ten units per customer. It averages 3.8 out of 5 based on nearly 4600 customer reviews and has almost 400 answered questions.

This runs on Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X support and promises sweatproofness. One unusual feature is that the earphones can retract into the body of the neckband. See gallery and product description pictures over there.

Used Sony MDRXB70BT Bluetooth Neckband Earphones for $27

On the used front, there are two pages worth of listings on the neckband Sony MDRXB70BT/B bluetooth earphones, going for $27~ in “Used – Very Good” condition and $28~ in “Used – Like New” by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. The “Used – Like New” are on the second page of listings. This is for the black color scheme.

This link shows all listings by all sellers. If you only want to see the listing by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual and no one else, use this link.

They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 70+ customer reviews. There are plenty of units available, so there’s no hurry to scoop them up.

Pre-order new Sony WI-1000X Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

Building on the success of the MDR-1000X, Sony is expanding that line with earphones too. The new WI-1000X is a neckband bluetooth earphone, a parallel model to the new WH-1000X M2, and it is priced in that range too.

The neckbands will have a sticker-shock (?) starting price of $300 in black or gold and they are available for pre-orders at Amazon with a mid-September 2017 release estimate.

UPDATE: also part of the 1000X line-up is a new “truly wireless” line, the WF-1000X. This too is available in gold or black, and has a starting price of $200, with a mid-September 2017 release estimate according to

The reason you are seeing an increase in new headphones is because this week, in Berlin::Germany, the IFA 2017 high tech trade show is happening. I am keeping an on-going tracking posts that summarizes the New Headphones of IFA 2017.

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth neckband earphones for $28

The new condition black color scheme of the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth earphones is currently on sale for $28 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three sets per customer. Only this color scheme is currently on sale. All together they average 3.9 out of 5 based on over 1000 customer reviews, and they have nearly 300 questions answered (one way or another) by Amazon shoppers.

LG TONE PLATINUM HBS-1100 Neckband BT Earphones for $100

The new condition LG TONE PLATINUM HBS-1100 Neckband Earphones (bluetooth), in the gold or black color schemes, are currently going for $100 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three per color per customer at the moment. The other two colors go for more. All together they average 3.6 out of 5 based on 260 customer reviews and have over 100 questions answered by viewers like you (anyone can answer questions at Amazon).

Refurbished Klipsch X12 bluetooth neckband earphones for $139

They look a bit like a prop from a futuristic movie recorded in the past, but they actually play music, they are the manufacturer refurbished Klipsch X12 Bluetooth Neckband earphones offered for $139 with free shipping by BuyDig’s eBay store. Limit five units per customer during this promotion. They are balanced armature and support AAC and aptX.

PS: keep in mind, when it comes to bluetooth, the protocol between your music source and your headphones is the highest common denominator between the two. Your phone may support apt-X HD and LDAC and Bluetooth 5.0 and Unicorn MQA Quad-HD DSD but if your headphone only supports Bluetooth 2.1, that’s what you will connect with.

Klipsch X12 Neckband BT Earphones + Garmin Vivomove Sport Activity Tracker for $299

The standard price of the recently released Klipsch X12 Neckband Bluetooth Earphones is $299, but at the moment, Beach Camera through Amazon is bundling them with a FREE Garmin Vivomove Sport Activity Tracker for the same price. The Garmin goes for $90 to $100 on its own. The bundle is available with the black color scheme of the Klipsch, with your choice of white Garmin or black Garmin. This ships directly from Beach Camera, but if you are a Prime member, you will receive Prime-like shipment (delivery time may depend on where you are, Beach Camera is East Coast).