In-Stock Now: Moshi Avanti AIR Bluetooth On-Ears

I am also updating the Headphone Tracker with some of the more interesting or serious NEW headphones from CES 2018 and during this update, one of these new models is now in-stock and shipping, of early adopter and reviewer interest perhaps, it is the new condition Moshi Avanti AIR bluetooth on-ears going for $300 with free shipping, sold by the official Moshi Amazon store, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon

This Moshi video shows it from various angles…

Pre-order new Moshi Avanti Air Bluetooth On-Ears

It’s pre-ordering season! Another new headphone unleashed in Vegas at the 2018 CES trade show is the style/fashion-priority Moshi Avanti Air, a bluetooth on-ear headset, and this new model is now available for pre-ordering by the maker (Moshi) with the order fulfilled by Amazon with a very fashionable price of $300.

A 30-second video from the Moshi YouTube channel shows a variety of views of the new headphone…

Moshi Moonrock In-Ears for $27

On the adorable/adorkable in-ear front, the Moshi Moonrock in-ears, in three color schemes (lime-green, red, white) are on sale for $27 per pair, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like. The other two color schemes (pink, black) are not on sale.

These come with a custom-made carrying case. The earphones plug into the case, while the cord loops around its base. They have a 1-button remote/mic, and average 4.4 out of 5 based on 280+ customer reviews. Their unique packaging and pastel-ish colors make them a good candidate as a gift or part of a gift bundle.

PS: these are not edible. They are not made of moshi ice cream 🙂