Tuesday only: 20% off at Monoprice includes Monolith M565* and M1060* headphones

Good news Monolith headphone fans! The brand new coupon code MAY29 gets you 20% off many things at the Monoprice website and this time around the coupon works on their latest Monolith planar-magnetic headphones:

+ M565 open-back drops to $136
+ M565C closed-back drops to $184
+ M1060 open-back drops to $216
+ M1060C closed-back drops to $267
+ SonicSolance ANC/BT drops to $43~
+ the four Monoliths mentioned above get free standard US shipping
+ find them all at the the Monoprice sale page or use their universal search box to locate products of interest

The M300 planar earphones drop from $150 to $120 but that’s not their lowest price. Sometimes they go on sale for $130, so when they are on sale, and eligible for the 20% off coupon, they drop to $104~. So if you don’t need them right away, wait for the next time the sale-and-coupon stars align 🙂 The open-box version is down to $100 but they are not coupon-eligible.

The open-box M560 is eligible for the coupon but it is out of stock so it cannot be ordered. This is for reference in case it comes in-stock later today or in future coupons that work in this fashion.

The coupon expires on Tuesday 5/29/18 at 11:59pm pacific time. No minimum purchase amount is required for the use of this coupon…

20% off Monolith Amps (3×200 and 2×200)

Monoprice has a new coupon, 20BURR gets you 15% off orders of $200+ in eligible products until Saturday night with the usual coupon restrictions they have over there.

Not eligible for the coupon are all their planar-magnetic headphones (I tested them all, M300, M560, M565, M1060). Also not eligible for the coupon are the following two headphones which are on sale on their own and get free shipping on their own:

+ Sonic Solace ANC/BT Over-Ears for $50 in Black or Tan/Brown

+ Triple XXX in-ears for $35

But that’s not all, they have a 20% off sale on two Monolith Amps (3×200 and 2×200). This is an old fashioned sale, no coupon code. These are not dedicated headphone amps.