Mayflower Objective DAC/Amps available on Amazon

Did you know that Mayflower Electronics is also selling their Objective DAC/amps through Amazon? All but one ship directly from Mayflower (New York) so shipping is extra, except for the O2 ODAC Revision B which is fulfilled by Amazon and Prime eligible.

Just like Schiit Audio did back when they sold their products through Amazon [Schiit no longer offers their products thru Amazon], the Mayflower Amazon prices are slightly higher than their own website, presumably to cover the Amazon seller fees (which are not insubstantial).

Massdrop: Shure SE846 unlocked for $780 (and many more not yet)

At members only shopping club (you have to login over there in order to see the offers but it is free to get an account), the Shure SE 846 in-ears are fully unlocked for $780 with free shipping. This is the lowest price under this particular offer. It ends in about seven days from today, with today being blog-posting date, not the date you are reading this.

A few more items are live at Massdrop with a 6-7 day expiration from today, but none of them are fully unlocked as of the time of writing. Here they are:

  • Fostex TH-600 as low as $520
  • Sony MDR-1A as low as $250
  • MEElectronics A151P (2nd gen) as low as $36
  • iBasso DX90 as low as $335
  • Mayflower Electronics CMOY amp as low as $72