Print Magazine Sale: Stereophile $7.77 per year

Headphone magazines are very hard to come buy, especially in english, but there are some audio-related magazines and two of them are participating in this limited time sale at the Discount Mags website. These are print magazines, delivered via snail mail, to addresses in the USA. They do not auto-renew (thankfully).

Of the various options, these two are A/V related:

+ Stereophile for $7.77 per year

+ Sound and Vision for $7.55 per year

These prices are good for up to three years. You can use the offer for a new subscription for you, or a gift subscription for others, and you can also renew an existing subscription.

Remember, these are print magazines, not digital.

Magazine Sale: Stereophile $6.75/yr, Sound&Vision $4.75/yr

If you like to leaf through glossy printed magazines, there is a big Weekend sale at the DiscountMags website. Of audio interest they have the following magazines, with prices being for per magazine per year:

+ Stereophile for $6.75 per year (12 issues)

+ Sound and Vision for $4.75 per year (six issues)

You can sign-up for up to three yeas per printed magazine delivered to USA addresses. Per magazine you can select whether you are starting a new subscription or renewing an existing one or buying it as a gift for other people or locations.

Thursday: 1-Year Stereophile print subscription for $10

Among the Thursday deals of the day at the Amazon USA Gold-Box there is a sale on print magazines. One of them is of potential audio interest, a 1-year print subscription with auto-renewal activated of Stereophile for the very specific price of $9.74…

1-Year Stereophile for $10 (digital)

For a limited time, Discount Mags is having a hobbies sale. Under the “Technology and Science” sub-category, they are offering a 1-year digital subscription to “Stereophile” for $10. This is 12 issues. The digital subscription is delivered and managed by Zinio.

You can sign up for up to four years at the $10/year price. You can also renew an existing subscription [append years to its renewal date]. From what I can tell, there’s no option for a gift subscription this time around.

PS: make sure you adjust the auto-renewal option at Zinio after your subscription goes live. I believe they default it to auto-renew!

1-Year of Rolling Stone (digital sub) for 99c w/coupon

Coupon code 58202 can get you a 1-year digital subscription of the Rolling Stone magazine for just $0.90. Note however that music coverage in the magazine is about 50% of the content, or about 33% when you count the ad and non-content pages (classifieds, index, etc).

[DEAD] 9 months of Stereophile (digital) for $5

This sale ended…

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[DEAD] Saturday: Sound & Vision includes in Texture Premium offer

This daily deal expired…

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1-Year Stereophile Digital Magazine for $5

There are no dedicated headphone monthly magazines in english in the US, so general-purpose audio magazines are the closest thing. During the Holiday weekend, Discountmags is offering a 1-year digital subscription of Stereophile for $5 per year. This can be read with the Zinio apps or a web browser. You can sign up for up to four years for $5/year. This is good for new Zinio subscriptions or renewals.

You can find this under the “Digital” section at the DiscountMags website. Or use the browser’s in-page search function to search for “Stereophile”.

1-Year Stereophile Digital Subscription for $6

There are no in-english dedicated headphone magazines in the USA, so if you like magazines with headphone coverage, it’s the general audio magazines, and one of these is on sale as a digital subscription, 1-Year of Stereophile goes for $6 total at Zinio. This is twelve issues. You can read it online or using the Zinio app available on iOS, Android and Windows. This is a limited time sale but I do not know when it expires.

1-Year of Sound and Vision (digital subscription) for $5

If you like to read audio magazines from the traditional publishers in digital format, for a limited time you can get a 1-year subscription to Sound and Vision (11 issues) for $5 total. This is through the Zinio service, you can read the magazine with a browser or using their iOS/Android/Windows apps.

PS: dedicated headphone magazines don’t seem to be a thing in the West, the annual guide by Innerfidelity’s parent company did not return last year, while the translated-to-English version of Japan’s Mook did not return either (or I can’t find it). I have both. The IF one was more of a gallery with short articles, but the Japanese magazine had some really nice articles (think “deep cuts” for enthusiasts) in the back and lots of headphone content and mini-reviews with sound signature spider-web diagrams (or whatever they are called). I have both magazines, I am planning to review them both, they are on the to-do list which sadly keeps getting longer 🙂

Used Mook Headphone Book 2012 (CD journal Mook) for $14+ [ships from Japan]

Headphone magazines are a rarity, but if you are a fan of them, and you can read Japanese or just want to get them for the pictures (ha!), multiple Japanese sellers are offering the Headphone book 2012 (CD journal Mook) with prices starting at $14.41 shipped. All ship from Japan with low cost shipping (as default) so they will take a few weeks to get there unless you upgrade to faster shipping. There are many listings for these currently at Amazon Warehouse Deals. To be clear, this is in Japanese, not English!

As far as I can tell, they made an English-speaking version of these a couple of years ago, but I haven’t found a newer english version yet. I do have the one they published in English, it’s pretty good ~ it is on my bottomless list of things to review in the future 🙂

Audio Annual 2014: The Definitive Audiophile Reference for $4.59

If you like glossy magazines featuring 3 to 5 figures audio gear (not just headphones), and if you are an Amazon Prime member (or planning a $35+ order), you can get the Audio Annual 2014: The Definitive Audiophile Reference (look for the Prime shipping option in the full listings if you don’t see it there) by the Thalakoturs for $4.50. It comes sealed in protective cellophane if you are collecting these. I am posting this right after mine arrived, which is how I know this 🙂 The order is fulfilled by Amazon, that’s why the shipping blurb above.

It features all kinds of audio gear, this is not headphone-centric, but Grado has the back cover (ad) showing the RS2. The Grado entry inside the magazine is the PS500. It is 170 pages long.