Macaw GT600S IEMs for $65 w/free S&H [MD]

Massdrop is back again with a new unlocked offer, it is the new condition Macaw GT600S IEMs for $65 with free shipping in your choice of black or silver. They will ship in early February 2018 from Massdrop, with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Massdrop unlocked: Macaw GT100S IEMs for $58 [also added: Zik 2.0, Yuin PKs)

All three of the Massdrop items mentioned below expire in about seven days from blog-posting date. One of them is fully unlocked as of the time of writing, the Macaw GT100S IEMs go for $55 plus $3~ flat shipping. The other two are not unlocked yet, but they have plenty of time. The Parrot Zik 2.0 over-ears all-buzzword-team headphones could go as low as $328 shipped, while the Yuin PK2 earbuds (actual earbuds) could go as low as $50 shipped.

Massdrop Unlocked: Macaw GT100S IEM and stand

Two new offers went live and are already fully unlocked at Massdrop, the Macaw GT100S IEMs can be yours for $55 plus $3 flat shipping, while the Just Mobile HeadStand is going for $35 plus $6 flat shipping (= $41 total).

Not fully unlocked yet, is the Aune X2 Mk2 Bluetooth Amplifier that could go as low as $120 shipped. All three offers mentioned in this post end in about seven days from the blog-posting date here (not the date you may be reading this post in the future).