LZ Big Dipper IEMs for $540 w/free S&H [MD]

With four days and change (as of blog-posting time), the new condition LZ Big Dipper IEMs are fully unlocked at members-only but free-to-join Massdrop for $540 with free shipping. This is the Gray model without a tuning switch. It will ship mid-February from Massdrop, all sales final. No warranty mention in the listing.

Two days left on LZ and TFZ IEMs [MD]

Sometimes having too many letters in your company’s name is too expensive, which is the theme of two more unlocked Massdrop offers, with two days to go (from blog-posting date). The LZ A3 Triple Hybrid IEMs go for $130 plus $4~ flat shipping, while the TFZ Series 1S IEMs go for $33 plus $4~ flat shipping. Color choices are available at checkout, and pictures aplenty of the kits are shown over there. Shipment is estimated to be late October 2016.

LZ A3 Triple Hybrid IEM for $134 [MD]

With around six days to go (from today’s posting date), the LZ A3 Triple Hybrid IEMs are now fully unlocked for $130 plus $4~ flat shipping. Two color choices are available at checkout, and pictures of everything that’s included are in the listing. They get a 1-year warranty from Massdrop. Shipping estimate is mid-to-late September 2016, so as with most MD offers, patience is a virtue, it’s like the opposite of Google Express and Prime shipping 🙂