FREE after Mail-In Rebate: refurbished Krazilla Kzh Metal In-Ears

IF you do not object with mail-in rebates and rebate cards and such, NewEgg Flash is offering the refurbished Krazilla Kzh Metal In-Ears for free after an $8 mail-in rebate. Free shipping. This is shipped by NewEgg Flash and Premier eligible (that’s NewEgg version of Prime, they even gave it a similar name to piggy-back on the Prime popularity).

PS: the brand name is “Krazilla”, not “Krakzilla” 🙂

Sat: Krazilla Kzh metal in-ears for $0 after $10 MIR

If you are comfortable with mail-in rebates, one of the Saturday daily deals at NewEGG is the refurbished Krazilla Kzh metal in-ears in the black color scheme offere for $10 with free shipping and eligible for a $10 mail-in rebate, making them free after rebate. Sales tax, if collected, is not included in the mail-in rebate amount.