Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch (5th Generation) for $80

Good until 11/10/17 (or earlier if sold out), you can get the refurbished 16GB Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation for $80 with free shipping and a 90-day warranty by Altatec thru Rakuten after using coupon code ALT13 over there. This has a headphone jack and a lightning connector. The 4th generation iPod Touch was the last one with the 30-pin connector.

[DEAD] Open-box 32GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $160 after coupon

This eBay coupon ended, but they seem to bring similar ones out every few weeks…

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[DEAD] Saturday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Generation) for $350

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 32GB iPod Touch (sixth gen) for $225 (many colors)

These Thursday daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $360

This recurring daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Monday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $365

This deal of the day expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 64GB iPod Touch 6th Generation for $270

This offer is so dead Best Buy yanked the page that carried them…

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Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4 for $56 [updated]

If you are a fan of 30-pin Apple devices, the good old iPod Touch, 4th generation, with 8B of on-board storage, is one of the A4C daily deals going for $56 with free shipping. It comes with a 90 day warranty from A4C (not Apple). This runs older versions of iOS and cannot be upgraded (it cannot handle the latest OS versions).

UPDATE: different model is now a daily deal

Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch 4 for $70 [was $65]

One of the latest featured deals at A4C is the refurbished 16Gb iPod Touch 4 music player for $70 [was $65] with free shipping with a limit of two units per customer. It comes with a 90-day replacement-warranty from A4C (not from Apple). Note that this is an older device, iOS 6 is the highest it can go. This is a 30-pin device (not Lightning). On the plus side of an older device, the accessories are dirt cheap (if you can find them when you need them) 🙂

[DEAD] Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4 for $55 w/free S&H [limit 1]

As of 9/30/16 AM, this is sold-out and the price increased from $55 to $60…

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Refurbished 32GB iPod Touch 4th generation for $90

Especially if you have a lot of 30-pin Apple accessories and are only interested in a device for music listening, A4C (All4Cellular) is offering a seller-refurbished 32GB iPod Touch 4 for $90 with free shipping. It comes with a 90 day warranty from the seller “A4C”.

NOTE: this only has enough firepower to support iOS 6.x. Definitely not iOS 9.

[DEAD] Used iPod Touch (5th generation, 16GB) for $70 w/free s&h

This sold out already…

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