Ends Sat PM: refurb Beats X for $46, open-box 16GB iPod Touch 6 for $120, Etc

Blinq is having a Featured Sale that includes some audio-related products running until Saturday at 11:59pm eastern. The coupon is applied automatically in the cart, but in case of technical issues, you can also find the coupon at the aforelinked page.

The coupon is a 25% off discount, and it drops the prices of the following items as follows:

+ open-box iPod Touch 6 (16GB, blue) for $120~
+ three left; this has a Lightning connector

+ open-box iPod Nano (16GB, 7th generation, blue) for $130~

+ factory refurbished Beats X bluetooth earphones for $46~ in black or blue

+ see them all at the Blinq Featured Sale
+ free shipping on all purchases regardless of price
+ 30-day money back guarantee on purchases

Because of the nature of Blinq (they pick up returns and overstocks and sell them to consumers) the risk of something having to be returned is higher than buying something brand new sealed in box, so the free shipping and 30-day returns go a long way towards mitigating the risk. Unless you hate returning things with a passion 🙂

Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch (5th Generation) for $80

Good until 11/10/17 (or earlier if sold out), you can get the refurbished 16GB Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation for $80 with free shipping and a 90-day warranty by Altatec thru Rakuten after using coupon code ALT13 over there. This has a headphone jack and a lightning connector. The 4th generation iPod Touch was the last one with the 30-pin connector.

[DEAD] Open-box 32GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $160 after coupon

This eBay coupon ended, but they seem to bring similar ones out every few weeks…

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[DEAD] Saturday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Generation) for $350

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 32GB iPod Touch (sixth gen) for $225 (many colors)

These Thursday daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $360

This recurring daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Monday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $365

This deal of the day expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 64GB iPod Touch 6th Generation for $270

This offer is so dead Best Buy yanked the page that carried them…

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Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4 for $56 [updated]

If you are a fan of 30-pin Apple devices, the good old iPod Touch, 4th generation, with 8B of on-board storage, is one of the A4C daily deals going for $56 with free shipping. It comes with a 90 day warranty from A4C (not Apple). This runs older versions of iOS and cannot be upgraded (it cannot handle the latest OS versions).

UPDATE: different model is now a daily deal

Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch 4 for $70 [was $65]

One of the latest featured deals at A4C is the refurbished 16Gb iPod Touch 4 music player for $70 [was $65] with free shipping with a limit of two units per customer. It comes with a 90-day replacement-warranty from A4C (not from Apple). Note that this is an older device, iOS 6 is the highest it can go. This is a 30-pin device (not Lightning). On the plus side of an older device, the accessories are dirt cheap (if you can find them when you need them) 🙂

[DEAD] Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4 for $55 w/free S&H [limit 1]

As of 9/30/16 AM, this is sold-out and the price increased from $55 to $60…

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Refurbished 32GB iPod Touch 4th generation for $90

Especially if you have a lot of 30-pin Apple accessories and are only interested in a device for music listening, A4C (All4Cellular) is offering a seller-refurbished 32GB iPod Touch 4 for $90 with free shipping. It comes with a 90 day warranty from the seller “A4C”.

NOTE: this only has enough firepower to support iOS 6.x. Definitely not iOS 9.

[DEAD] Used iPod Touch (5th generation, 16GB) for $70 w/free s&h

This sold out already…

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