Hidizs AP60 Pro DAP for $80 w/free S&H [MD]

DAP DAP time at Massdrop! Fully unlocked and running for the next four days and change (from blog posting time) is the new condition Hidizs AP60 Pro Digital Audio Player going for $80 with free US shipping. This will ship in early May 2018 by Massdrop with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Among its features is 2-way bluetooth control, which allows your smartphone to control it. An interesting proposition! It also serves as a USB DAC/amp when connected to a computer. It takes microSD cards up to 256GB. But it has not embraced USB-C, it’s still microUSB. It would probably be too expensive to go USB-C 3.1 given the price but at least USB-C would make connecting the cable easier 🙂

Bluetooth-wise it supports version 4.0 with apt-X. The user interface does not have a rotating center dial like the Fiio X1, but it looks to be of similar chunky size, which is good because it falls to the bottom of your pocket ~ harder to fall out 🙂

HIDIZS AP60 Ⅱ DAP for $100 after coupon

Surprise, surprise! This is why we price-check things 🙂 The new condition HIDIZS AP60 Ⅱ digital audio player goes for $130, BUT when you look closely on the product page, it has a $30 OFF clip-on coupon. You clip that coupon (click on the little box or the coupon text) and you get $30 off, making it $100. You don’t have to type anything with clip-on coupons; just click. The coupon is available for multiple color schemes of this DAP!

If you are not familiar with Amazon’s clip-on coupons, follow the visual cues in this annotated partial screenshot below:

[DEAD] Hidizs AP60 (2nd Generation) DAP sale

This lightning deal expired…

If you are up early tomorrow, per the Gold Box lightning deals schedule at Amazon, they will have a lightning deal offer starting at 6:09am ET on the new condition Hidizs AP60 (2nd Generation) digital audio player. The price before the sale is $130.

They play DSD, support bluetooth with apt-X, microSD slot up to 256GB, etc. They are available in five color schemes and average 3.6 out of 5 based on 18 customer reviews.

Unlocked at MD: Hidizs AP60 for $75; Cayin C5 DAC/Amp for $154

Two more products have blossomed into unlocked offers (such flowery language!) at members-only Massdrop. They have seven days to go from today (today = posting date), and are estimated to ship in late March 2017.

One is a digital audio player, the Hidizs AP60 is going for $75 with free shipping, which defeats the eBay and amazon prices of $89~.

Next up, yet another portable DAC/amp in an ever-growing market, it is the Cayin C5 DAC/Amp going for $150 plus $4 flat shipping. But the decision is closer here, because one eBay seller, EpiceSolutions (state of Washington) has it for $162.49 with free economy shipping.

Hidizs AP60 DAP for $84 [MD] or $89

Someone needs to create a new game show, “Is it a DAP or Not?”. If someone told you there is a “Hidizs AP60” digital audio player would you believe them? Is it REAL or NOT? SPOILERS after this sentence…

Spoiler alert: YES, it is real, the Hidizs AP60 digital audio player is not only real but also fully unlocked at Massdrop for $80 plus $4~ flat shipping with eight days left to go in the offer (from blog-posting date). Three colors are available. It ships late November and comes with a 1-year warranty covered by Massdrop. Earbuds are included. I suppose the VE Monks made Earbuds Great Again 🙂

This plays multiple file formats up to DSD 128 and has Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X. Storage is via its microSD slot. In addition to being a DAP, you can also “connect it to your computer or phone as an external decoder” (the product description’s language).

If you want to get it slightly faster (but not that much faster), you can get it by Shenzhen Audio (shipping from Asia) for around $88 through NewEgg or Amazon. There are no shipping options from within the USA at the moment.

New at Massdrop: BeyerD DT990-250 Pro, xDuoo, etc

Yesterday launched a wave of new Massdrop offers, and today has even more. As of the time of writing, none of the ones below are fully unlocked (= lowest price possible):

+ Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm as low as $180 (only 250 ohm participating)
+ xDuoo TA-02 Tube DAC/Amp as low as $90
+ Hidizs AP100 Portable HiFi Music Player as low as $230
+ Luxury & Precision LP5 Music Player as low as $700 (only 1 needed to unlock)