Google PixelBuds for $129 w/free S&H

The new condition Google Pixel Buds are currently on sale for $129 with free shipping at the Best Buy eBAY store with up to three pairs per color per customer. They are available in the Kinda Blue and the Just Black color schemes…

[DEAD] Google Pixelbuds for $135 after coupon

This eBay flash-sale coupon expired…

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Google USB-C DAC/amp for $9 w/free S&H

Google announced this at a higher price than Apple’s lightning adapter, but reality hit them, common sense prevailed, and Google’s very own USB-C DAC/amp adapter is now going for $9 with free shipping (even if you don’t buy anything else) at the official Google Store. You can’t use Google Play gift card balance to pay for it though, the Google Store insists on credit cards, while almost anything you buy at the Google Play store (including music subscriptions) can use your Gift Card balance.

I bought this a few days ago, and it’s here, so we have our customary practical text and pictures unboxing of it. But don’t expect a tiny box in the mail, mine came in a giant padded envelope: