Pay $40, Get $50 Guitar Center Gift Card by Email

If you are a fan of Guitar Center, at the moment, the PayPal Digital Gifts store on eBay is offering $50 Guitar Center Gift Cards delivered by email for $40 with free delivery. Limit up to five per customer. This is essentially a 20% off discount on everything you buy using these gift cards!

[DEAD] V-Moda Crossfade II (apt-X Rose Gold) + $120 Gift Card for $350

This limited time promotion expired…

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[DEAD] VModa Crossfade Wireless + $80 Gift Card for $200

This limited time offer expired…

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[DEAD] VModa Crossfade II Wireless + $130 Gift Card for $330

This limited time promotion expired…

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VModa Crossfade Bluetooth Over-Ears with $60 Promo Gift Card for $200

Good until Saturday night, NewEgg has a promotion on all four color schemes of the new condition VModa Crossfade Wireless (bluetooth, first generation, closed-back over-ears). You pay $200 and for that you receive the headphones and a $60 NewEgg promotional gift card.

The headphones are sold and shipped by Focus Camera, but the gift card is a NewEgg, not a Focus Camera. So you are guaranteed to return to NewEgg to shop again to spend the $60 promotional gift card (typically these last for one year (unless otherwise specified), thus the promotional part)

Audio Technica M50X Over-Ears + $30 GC for $129

Amazon is returning to the gift card game, you can get the new condition Audio Technica M50X closed-back over-ears bundled with a $30 plastic Amazon Gift card in a gift-box (those can be handy during the holidays) for $129 with free shipping and handling.

Given how easy it is to spend a $30 gift card at Amazon on things you need/want, that’s like paying $99 for the headphones. Only the black color scheme is eligible for the gift card offer. In the rare occasion where the gift card arrives to your door before the M50x ships from an Amazon facility, you can use the value of the gift card towards the payment of the M50x. That’s because of how Amazon’s accounting splits bundle pricing to prevent return fraud.

[DEAD] Audio Technica M50X + $30 Netflix Gift Card for $129

This sale ended and they changed the listing to a different bundle… No need to waste eBay listing fees I suppose 🙂

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B&M Black Friday: Magnavox Earbuds Almost Free after Plenti Points (limit 2; Thur AM to Sat PM]

If you want to participate in the Black Friday brick and mortar festivities while avoiding the malls and the big retailers with the heavy foot traffic and impossible parking, I give you a near-free alternative. At Rite Aid B&M stores, using the Plenti Rewards membership (free to sign-up for), they are bringing back their free earbuds promotion.

This turned out to be long-winded post, more after the break…

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 with $25 Gift Card for $113

This was going for $129 two weeks ago, but as of this recheck, the new condition Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 closed-back over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are going for $113 with free shipping AND they get a $25 BuyDig gift certificate at until 12/1/17 or earlier if sold out.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 with $25 Gift Card for $129

The new condition Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 closed-back over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are going for $129 with free shipping AND they get a $25 BuyDig gift certificate at until 12/1/17 or earlier if sold out.

[DEAD] Audio Technica ATH-AD1000X Open Over-Ears with $60 Gift Card for $229

This promotion expired…

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AKG N40 earphones with $200 Promo Gift Card for $400 [updated]

UPDATE 9/11/17: the N60 NC sold out, but the AKG N40 earphones going for $400 with a $200 promotional NewEgg gift card continue until their expiration (one week after the deal got started)…

According to the teasers at NewEgg Flash, starting at 12pm ET on Wednesday 9/6/17, they will have a couple of flash sales on the AKG N40 in-ears and the AKG N60 NC over/on-ears that will get you big promotional gift cards, $200 and $150 respectively.

Now how good of a deal this will be depends on what the actual headphone price will be, which won’t be revealed until the offers go live. The promotional gift cards are typically good at NewEgg and last for one year after they are issued, so there should be plenty of time to spend them even if you are not a diehard NewEgg fan.

Here’s the teaser from their website:

PS: you have to click on the thumbnail of an upcoming item to see its starting date and time.

PS2: there is always a possibility of things get cancelled or rescheduled. I’ve seen items change start time a couple of times.

[DEAD] Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X with $60 eGift Card for $230

This limited time offer expired…

This is a solid combo offer if you are a NewEgg shopper. The new condition open-back over-ear Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X headphones are bundled with a $60 promotional NewEgg e-gift card (expires 1 year after it gets issued), together going for $230 by aSavings thru NewEgg. The offer ends on Saturday night.

Beats X for $100 and Apple AirPods eligible for $50 Gift Card promotion on $200+ Accessories purchase at Verizon

If you are planning to spend $200+ in Accessories at the Verizon Wireless online store, we have good news. Some headphones are also eligible for this promotion. BOSE products are excluded.

NOTE: only Accessories that are participating in this promotion are eligible. Not every accessory/headphone at the Verizon website is eligible! Eligible items mention this promotion at various places on their product page, eg in yellow highlight under the “DESCRIPTION” segment.

The promotion is this: you spend $200+ in qualifying Accessories, and you will receive a $50 prepaid VISA gift card issued by Citibank. You must make the purchase by 8/5/17. You must submit the $50 gift card request online within 30 days of purchase. You will receive the gift card within 4 weeks of submission.

Eligible earphones:

Per the promotion description at their website:

“Get a $50 Visa prepaid card when you spend at least $200 on accessories. Any combination of items will count. Visit the Promotion Center with code GET50BACK for submission form and FAQs. Verizon employees not eligible. Offer valid through 8/5/17.”

Sennheiser HD 200 Closed Over-Ears with $30 Gift Card for $70

One of the more recent Sennheiser over-ear headphones is the HD 200 closed-back studio monitors, and this model is bundled with a $30 B&H Photo Gift Card, while still selling for its standard price of $70 with free shipping at B&H Photo, same price but without the gift card as Amazon and other reputable online dealers.

Assuming you have no trouble spending the $30 gift card in the future at B&H on things you want or need, this is an “effective” $40 price on the headphones!

20% off two-step discount on Google Play All Access Music subscription using Gift Cards

Google Play does not offer discounts on their All Access monthly music subscription service once your free trial ends, however, there is a way to get a discount on a regular basis if you take an additional step: buy Google Play gift cards at a discount.

Once upon a time it was hard to find Google PLAY gift cards at a discount but these days both Rite Aid and Walgreens are including them in their virtual 20% off promotions. For this week, good until the close of business on Saturday 6/24/17 at Rite Aid brick and mortar stores, you can get $5 back in Plenti rewards points when you purchase a $25 GooglePLAY gift card. Limit two per customer. You pay full price, but you get $5 to spend in future purchases (but not gift cards) at Rite Aid and other participating retailers (Macy’s, Exxon gas stations, etc).

So how exactly does that get you a discount on the music subscription service? Simple! Once you load up the gift card to your Google Play account, you can go to your Account settings and have your monthly music subscription get paid by your gift card balance. Once that is depleted, it will switch back to your default credit card. Or if you keep reloading gift cards, it will keep using the gift cards.

I’ve been doing this for many months now, and it works just like clockwork!

When you consider that YouTube RED is included with the Music subscription, that’s a good value. YouTube RED includes access to the YouTube Music app that allows you to play in the background, play audio-only videos, and of course avoid all ads!

Google Play Gift Card promotion at CVS this week (can also be used to pay for Google Play Music All Access streaming service)

If you like to buy music or music apps or sign-up for music subscription services through Google Play, CVS brick and mortar stores are running a Google PLAY gift card promotion until the end of day on Saturday 5/27/17. You buy a $50 Google Play gift card, and the cash register will spit out a $10 CVS Extra Bucks rewards. This is store credit that you can spend in future purchases at CVS. It has to get spent in one transaction, so you must be willing to make a $10+ purchase there in the future.

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Beyerdynamic DT1350 Gold Edition with $20 eGift Card for $120

You can haz gold! The new condition closed-back on-ear Beyerdynamic DT 1350 headphones, in the limited edition gold color scheme (gold earcups, they are not head to toe gold) are on sale for $120 with free shipping by Focus Camera thru NewEgg. They ship directly from Focus Camera. You also get a $20 promotional e-gift card to spend in the future at NewEgg. The promotional gift cards are generally issued four days after purchase and are good for a full year.

Costco Members Only: Pay $83, Get $100 Google Play Gift Card

If you are an existing Google Play All Access Music subscription member, or you plan to start the service, or you like to buy music from Google Play, AND if you happen to be a paying Costco member, for a limited time, you can get a $100 GooglePLAY gift card for $83. That’s 17% off. The percentage is slightly smaller than the occasional Rite Aid offers, but you don’t have to deal with Plenti rewards. You just pay the discounted price and that’s it.

PS: in recent months, Google made it so you can pay for your monthly music subscription using your existing gift card balance on your Google account. So by buying this gift card, you are essentially getting 17% off your music subscription service!

Audio Technica R70X with $25 Promo Gift Card for $224

The NewEgg – Beach Camera combo is back again with another similar promotion. Beach Camera offers the new condition open-back over-ear Audio Technica R70x for $224 with free shipping through the NewEgg website. For a limited time, if you purchase this, you will also receive a $25 promotional NewEgg gift card (to be used at the NewEgg website within one year). You’ll know the offer is still running if you see it featured prominently on the page, for example:


Beyerdynamic DT880 PREMIUM (32 ohm) with $50 Promo Gift Card for $160

The headphone party continues at NewEgg, this time Beach Camera’s NewEgg store is offering the new condition Beyerdynamic DT880 PREMIUM (32 ohm) for $160 with free shipping. But for a limited time, NewEgg will send you a $50 promotional gift card with purchase. The promo gift card has to be used at NewEgg for up to one year after it has been issued (about four days after invoicing). You will know this offer is still running if you see this blurb featured prominently over there:


Klipsch AW-4i Earphones with $30 promo gift card for $59

In addition to the two Sony offers mentioned yesterday, Dell Home also has a promotional gift card offer on the Klipsch AW-4i Earphones. You pay $59 with free shipping, and 10-20 days after your order ships, you will receive via email a $30 promotional Dell gift card. The card has to be spent within 90 days of arrival. The offer ends on 10/27/16 at 7am central time.

Sony MDR-100AAP and $100 Promo Gift Card for $198

The closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-100AAP headphones, part of their “h.ear” line-up, go for $200 at authorized Sony USA dealers. That’s also the price at the Dell Home store, however, good until 10/27/2016 at 7am central time, you will receive a $100 Dell promotional gift card if you purchase them for $198.

The $100 promo gift card will be emailed to you 10-20 days after your order ships, and will have to be used within 90 days of delivery. That’s why it’s “promo gift card”, instead of a normal gift card. This is partially why they are able to offer this, it almost guarantees that you will place at least one more order from them. So it’s sort of like a customer acquisition type of an expense.

Only the black color scheme is eligible for this. The offer is mentioned both on the product page and the shopping cart. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on the product page:


Review-wise, so far, they average 4.4 out of 5 but only based on 29 customer reviews at where they actually have slightly more answered-questions than reviews. These are folding headphones by the way.

Sony MDR-AS600BT Bluetooth Earphones and $50 promo gift card for $98

The Sony MDR-AS600BT bluetooth earphones go for $100~ at authorized dealers. For a limited time, good until 10/27/2016 at 7am central, you can get them for that price but you will also receive in the future a $50 promotional gift card to be used in the future. This offer is at the Dell Home store.

The promotion is shown on the product page over there, and in the shopping cart when you add the earphone there. After you make the purchase, you will receive an email with the $50 promo code 10-20 days _after_ your order ships, and you have to use it within 90 days of that date. That’s why it’s a promotional gift card instead of a normal gift card.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with grey market earphones that do not get a Sony USA warranty, a marketplace seller has these in new condition for $45 at They are fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime-eligible, but that does not make authorized in the eyes of Sony. You would still have to buy them from an actual authorized dealer. Review-wise, they average 3.6 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews. You can find those at the normal listing at Amazon.

Roundabout way for 24% off Google Play Music Subscription Service

Now that the monthly Google Play Music subscription service can be paid with Gift Card balance (you no longer need to pay it with a credit card if you have a gift card balance that covers the monthly subscription fee), this deal became a lot better!

To take advantage of this, you have to be a member of the AMEX-powered Plenti rewards program. The offer is at RiteAid stores. You buy a $25 Google Play gift card (the plastic kind), and you get 600 points. 600 points are the equivalent of $6 in future purchases at RiteAid and other participating retailers. This is a limit two promotion for the week of 7/31/16 AM until 8/6/16 PM.

These offers return every few months at RiteAid, so you can use them to stock up in credit and have a regular discount on your monthly subscription fee. If you are on the $10/month plan, this offer gets you five months of service. If you are on the $15/month family plan, that’s three months with some change left.

[DEAD] Hot Deal from Amazon: $100 Gift Card with $1000+ OR $200 with $2000+ or $300 with $3000+ in Select Audio Purchases [32 Headphones eligible out of 266 eligible Audio Gear] ~ potentially 1.5X and 2X STACKABLE for $2000+ and $3000+ orders

As of 7/4/16 re-check, this offer is no longer available…

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Sennheiser HD600 + $150 Gift Card for $400

If you want an open-back Sennheiser HD 6xx headphone, but you prefer the HD600 or you are not interested in the previously mentioned HD650 portable bundle, there’s another option, you can get the new condition open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD600 with a $150 plastic Amazon Gift Card, all together for $400 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. Given the value of the gift card, you are essentially paying $250 for a new pair of the 600s. If you don’t need the gift card, you can easily sell/trade it for near close its actual value. Amazon gift cards are popular.

PS: a few other Sennheiser headphones are bundled with Amazon Gift Cards, but both their prices and availability (seasonal or price matches?) may change over time, so it’s something to keep an eye out for.

Sennheiser HD600 and $150 Gift Card for $400 total

Amazon continues to experiment with product bundling. If you want to get the Sennheiser HD 600 at a reasonable price, in new condition, from authorized dealer, without having to hunt high and low, Amazon has a bundle for that: you pay $400 and you receive the HD 600 headphones along with a $150 Amazon Gift Card (plastic card delivered by mail, so you can regift it if you don’t need it for yourself). With Amazon gift cards selling at face value, you are essentially paying $250 for the HD600s. Not bad if you like a hassle-free experience.

NOTE however that if you have an existing Amazon Gift Card balance, you cannot apply it towards this purchase. This is probably because you cannot use an Amazon gift card to buy another Amazon gift card. I am assuming so, because the shopping cart won’t let me use my gift card on this, but the balance can be applied towards other orders that don’t include Amazon gift cards.

IF you are a Prime member, and you apply and get approved for Amazon’s Store Card (not the credit card by Chase, but the Store Card which can only be used at Amazon), it becomes a Prime Store Card and gets you 5% rewards on purchases made with it. So that’s another $20 to use on future purchases.

Buy Sony MDR-ZX110NC On-Ears for $48, Get $25 Dell Promo Gift Card

If you need active noise cancellation on a budget and you are a frequent Dell shopper, for a limited time, when you add the Sony MDR-ZX110NC On-Ear Headphones to your shopping cart, a $25 promotional Dell Gift Card is also added there automatically. This offer is good until 1/18/16. The $25 promo gift card will be emailed to you 10-20 days after your headphone order ships and it must be used within 90 days. It is a promotional gift card, not a “normal” gift card.

You know this offer is good when you see it in the shopping cart like this (screenshot below):


NOTE: the “NC” model is without a mic/remote. The “NA” model is with mic/remote. Together, they average 3.8 out of 5 based on 245 customer reviews at based on 50 questions answered.

Buy Sony MDR-1A for $300, Get $100 Promotional Gift Card

There is a limited time offer at the Dell website. This appears after you add the headphone to the shopping cart. So when you add the Sony MDR-1A closed-back over-ears to the shopping cart, and click through to the proceed to checkout page (you don’t need to login or sign-up to see this offer), the shopping cart shows a promotion that gets you a $100 promotional Dell Gift Card if you complete the purchase.


It is important to note that the promotional gift card expires in 90 days and will be sent to you 10-20 days after your order ships. So you might as well plan your next purchase at Dell before you pull the trigger on this one.

10% off Headroom Gift Cards (ends 12/25/14)

Headroom’s latest email has a couple of new offers! Using coupon code HeadRoomGift you can get 10% off the purchase of Headroom gift cards. Separately, they are offering free 2-day shipping on orders of $199 or more. Headroom is a smaller company, so they can’t be offering free shipping on their dime the same way Amazon or Target or Walmart can.

Pay $40, Get $50 Guitar Center Gift Card

If you like to buy headphones or other gear from the Guitar Center, for a limited time, they have a sale on their gift cards on eBay, sold by the Gift Card Mall (the company that stocks up the gift card displays at many grocery and department stores). With this offer, you Pay $40, Get a $50 Guitar Center Gift Card [corrected link] by mail, with free shipping, with a limit of three gift cards per eBay user. This is effectively a 20% discount (10/50).