Free 3-month Spotify Premium trial

IF you want to try the premium Spotify experience, for a limited time, Spotify is offering a FREE 3-Month Premium trial. During these 90 days you get all the benefits of a premium (aka paying) member, with offline downloads, no ads, and so on.

Given that these days most of the major music streaming providers are mega-corps (Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft on-and-off), it may not be a bad idea to support the independent player in the field ~ if nothing else to keep the big boys in check.

That’s what I did, I went from Google Play (and I was in on the launch-time $8/month rate) to Spotify Premium. Neither service is perfect, if one could take the best features of each and blend them together, that would be GREAT!

FREE 3-Month Pandora Premium Subscription

For a limited time, Groupon is offering a FREE 3-Month Pandora Premium subscription! This is the full service music service, not just the more famous Pandora “radio”. You have no ads, unlimited skips, offline playback, playlists, etc.

FREE app: Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs

The “Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs” is currently free on iTunes and also at Google Play. It typically goes for $4. It has lots of free content with additional content via in-app purchases. It also has ads.

FREE 3-Month TIDAL Music Subscription [new customers]

For new customers only, Groupon is offering a FREE 3-Month TIDAL Music Subscription. After the three months expire, you will be automatically converted to the $10/month service. This is the standard service, not the higher-resolution “HiFi” service.

Speaking of music apps, free for a limited time is the “pro” version of the “RadioApp PRO” by Tal Shrestha on iTunes. You need an iOS device or Windows running iTunes to get it. If you get it from Windows, you don’t even need to have an actual Apple device to grab it for future use.

Two FREE Premium Android Music players

For a limited time, the Google Play store is offering these two for-pay music player apps for FREE! These are the pro versions without the ads. As long as you get them or install them before the free promotion ends, they are yours to keep without the ads.

They are the Elite Music PRO player by Bugga software with over 10,000 downloads, and the OneAmp PRO from the same company with similar download numbers.

Speaking of music, the Scale Logic app by Daliance is also free for a limited time. Move over pink and white noise, here comes the major and minor scale burn-in party 🙂

FREE 3-Month Pandora Premium subscription

For a limited time, Groupon is offering FREE three month Pandora Premium music subscriptions. Premium is a normal streaming service, not a radio service like their more famous Pandora Radio. It goes for $10/month like most other streaming services. The offer is good for new customers. Check terms/conditions there for more details.

FREE NRG Player Adblocker for a limited time [GPLAY]

For the Android music player fans, the Adblocker (ad remover) for the NRG Player is currently FREE for a limited time on Google Play. The price before this promotion was $5. This is the unlocker (ad remover). To play music, you also need to install the main NRG Player app.

Also free during this promotion is their Robo Skin and Car Skin.

FREE PowerAudio Pro Music Player (Google Play)

For a limited time only, Google Play is offering the otherwise not-free PowerAudio Pro Music Player for FREE. It goes for $0.99 typically.

Another music app, the PlayerPro Music Player is on sale for $2, instead of its usual price of $4.

[DEAD] FREE: Scale Logic ad-free app (Google Play)

This limited time offer expired…

If you are tired of frequency and white noise and pink noise testing, how about some scale testing? 🙂 Good until Thursday night, you can get the ad-free version of the Scale Logic app for FREE on Google Play.

FREE (mp3 albums): Garth Brooks “The Chase” and “In Pieces”

The price is right! For a limited time, Amazon is running a promotion that gets you the Garth Brooks 1992 and 1993 “The Chase” and “In Pieces” albums for FREE in mp3 format. You can download and/or stream. Each album has ten tracks. They are offered as a double album in the Amazon listing, but they were released separately. Check his Discography for details.

Free on Google Play: Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords (limited time)

The popular Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords app is FREE for a limited time at the Google Play store. This is a for-pay app that typically goes for $2.99. It has over 1 million installs. The app purchase price is $0 for a limited time. The in-app purchases are not free.

Free Music Discovery 72-track MP3 album: Winners of 15th Indie Music Awards

If you like Independent music and music in MP3 files, Amazon is celebrating the winners of the 15th Independent Music Awards with a 72-track (5 hours, 12 minutes play time) digital-album offered for a limited time for FREE! You can get them as a “digital album” for free and you get access to all 72 songs. You don’t have to get them one by one like Google Music’s “Antenna” discovery playlist.

Free Music: Austin 100 SWSX Sampler

If you like to discover new music or build a library or burn discovery CDs or DVDs, until the end of March 2017, you can download 100 songs from 100 artists as part of the Austin 100 of artists participating in this year’s SWSX music festival.

There are multiple ways to listen to the music. You can download the whole set as a 855MB zipfile (under 4 minute download as of the time of writing). I randomly opened a few, they show as encoded by different versions of iTunes and 320 kb/s, 44100 Hz.

Or you can download mp3 songs individually from their website. If you don’t like downloading things, they have setup two playlists with them, one on Spotify and another inside the free NPR One app.

[DEAD] One month of Slacker Ad Free (TMobile Tuesdays)

This T-Mobile Tuesday promotion expired…

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[DEAD] FREE (Limited Time): White Noise app by TMSoft (iTunes)

This limited time promotion expired… For a limited time, the white noise app “White Noise” by TMSOFT is offered for FREE on iTunes. This is featured in Apps Gone FREE.

[DEAD] Free ebook for limited time: Record Collecting in the Digital age by John Silke

As of 5/11/15, the limited time $0 purchase promotion expired at, but the ebook “Record Collecting in the Digital age” (59 pages, November 2013) by John Silke is part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription (a Netflix-style $10 per month e-book subscription service).