Fender CXA1 In-Ears for $47 to $52

This is actually a new low price! I didn’t realize it until I price-checked them for the cheap Woot Plus headphones round-up! The new condition Fender CXA1 In-Ears are on sale for $47 with free shipping for Prime members or +$5 for non-Prime members at the Woot Plus cheap headphones sale until March 1st or earlier if sold out. They come with a 2-year Fender warranty.

The previous low price we found for these here was $59 at Adorama about a month ago

PS: as of Sunday 2/18/18, Prime members get free standard shipping on almost everything sold at Woot (you have to login with your Amazon Prime account to activate this feature)

Fender IEM Sale: FXA2 PRO for $89, FXA5 PRO for $129

The last time they were on sale [see our old Dec 2017 post], the Fender FXA2 PRO in-ears went for $99, while the FXA5 PRO went for $149. Fast forward to right now, and Adorama has put them back on sale at lower prices, the FXA2 goes for $89, while the FXA5 goes for $129, two color schemes for each model. Rounding out the sale is the CXA1 returning to $59.

Free shipping for them all. No coupons, no rebates, just add to cart and proceed to checkout while the sale is underway.

Fender CXA1 Pro In-Ears for $59 [DXA1 Sold Out]

On sale over there at Adorama is the blue color scheme of the Fender CXA1 in-ears is on sale for $59 with free shipping for a limited time as well.

Speaking of Adorama, they are offering the Tascam DR-22WL 2-Channels Portable Handheld Audio Recorder (Wi-Fi, 3.5mm Mini Jack, etc) for $80 with free shipping and handling. Also a limited time offer.

As of 1/25/18 re-check, the DXA01 sold out… If you missed it the previous time, fear not! The sale is back! The new condition Fender DXA1 Pro In-Ear Monitors are back down to $30 with free shipping at authorized dealer Adorama.com for a limited time only.

[DEAD] Fender FXA6 In-Ears for $150 [SOLD OUT: FXA7]

The sale is over…. The new condition Fender FXA6 continue to be on sale for $150 in either color scheme.

AS of a 1/25/18 recheck, the FXA7 sold out… The black color scheme of the new condition Fender FXA7 in-ears is back in-stock at Amazon by Amazon actual for $200 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer. The shipping estimate is January 29 (2018). The gold color scheme remains unavailable in new condition (cannot be ordered, has no price/listing).

[DEAD] Fender FXA6 In-Ears (red or black) for $150

The sale ended…

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[DEAD] Fender FXA6 In-Ears drop to $150, FXA7 drop to $200

These sales expired…

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Fender DXA1 Pro In-Ears for $30 w/free S&H

The other Fender IEMs remain at their previously mentioned prices, but the new condition Fender DXA1 Pro In-Ear Monitors are now down to $30 with free shipping at Adorama.

Fender In-Ears Line-Up Sale: DXA1 for $40, FXA2 for $99, FXA5 for $149, FXA6 for $199 [updated]

The whole Fender in-ears line-up is on sale again, with free shipping, at Adorama. No coupon, no rebate, just add to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. As usual, this is a limited time offer, this time with new lower prices (since the previous sale):

Speaking of Adorama, they are offering the Korg B1 88 Key Digital Piano with Enhanced Speaker System & Hammer Action for $299 after you enter coupon code Blackfirdy (that’s the coupon spelling) in the shopping cart. You can test the coupon by just entering the coupon and an email address in the checkout page. You don’t have to fill up the whole checkout page or login.

[DEAD] 24% back in MF rewards on Fender In-Ears

This offer expired…

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Fender FXA5 PRO IEMs + PM-1 Paramount Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar for $680

It’s bundle time again. The Fender FXA5 PRO earphones are bundled with the Fender PM-1 Paramount Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (Vintage Sunburst), together going for $680 with free shipping at Adorama.com. The earphones are in the metallic color scheme in this bundle, but you can also get the same offer with the silver earphones.

The same promotion is also available with the acoustic guitar in the Nature color scheme instead of the “Vintage Sunburst”.

This is a sale, there’s no coupon, and no rebate. When the sale ends, the price will go up.

Fender FXA2 Pro In-Ears for $115 with free S&H

The Fender FXA2 Pro In-Ears are currently on sale, in new condition, for $115 with free shipping at Adorama in the blue color scheme or metallic black color scheme. This is a limited time offer.

Fender DXA1 Pro In-Ears for $60, FXA2 for $125

Fender too is in the headphone came with a line-up of in-ear models, starting with the Fender DXA1 Pro on sale for $60 at Adorama.com with free shipping, while their FXA2 in-ears go for $125 with free shipping.

Fender IEM line-up sale with coupon, $65 to $260

Fender too is in the headphone game with their line of in-ears and this line-up is on sale, with free shipping, at Adorama using coupon code 1BFSAVINGS which bring the prices down as follows:

Speaking of Adorama, they have a sale on a variety of Polk Audio audio-gear (non-headphones).

Some of the Fender Pro In-Ears are now in-stock

Fender too is in on the headphone game, and not just with just one token model. They have a complete line of in-ears, with prices ranging from $100 to $500, and some of these model/color options are now in-stock at Adorama.com.

The DXA1 goes for $100, while the FXA2 goes for $200, the FXA5 jumps another century to $300, the FXA6 climbs to $400, and the FXA7 makes it half a kilo at $500. Check your favorite music websites and forums to see if there are any early reviews and such.