Etymotic ER3SE or ER3XR for $150 each [MD]

The Massdrop Black Friday party continues until Sunday at 11:59pm pacific. Then their Cyber Monday offers will go live.

In the meantime, one of their regular offerings, two different Etymotics in-ears are offered for $150 each. The ER3SE or the ER3XR. There is no volume discount if you buy both. They will ship in late December 2018.

[DEAD] Etymotic In-Ears: ER4SR or ER4XR for $315; ETY Kids 5 for $27

This coupon expired, but it is a recurring coupon, so it should return at some point in the future…

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[DEAD] With coupon: Etymotic In-Ears: ETY Kids 5 for $27, ER4SR or ER4XR for $315

This recurring Groupon coupon expired but it will return at some point(s) in the future…

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Used Etymotic ER4XR In-Ears for $249 [was $279]

If you don’t want to wait for a future sale, Electronics Expo is offering the Etymotic Research ER4XR Extended Range in-ears in “Used – Like New” condition for $249 [was $279~] with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from Electronics EXPO and it is not Prime eligible. The new condition price is $350.

Price updated here on 2/15/18 at 1:30pm ET…

Used Etymotic MK5 In-Ears for $45

This is a bit of a question-mark because it says “Used – Acceptable” condition without giving any further details on the condition. They have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t hate returning items, it’s not as big of a deal. This is the Etymotic MK5 In-Ears available in that condition for $45~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual

PS: Amazon Warehouse Deals is rebranding itself to Amazon Warehouse.

Used Etymotic Research ER4P-T In-Ears for $202

The new condition Etymotic Research ER4P-T microPro Precision Matched In-Ears go for $299 in new condition at reputable dealers, but if you are comfortable with used, you can get them in “Used – Like New” condition for $202~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. There is no further description of their condition, but “Used – Like New” is the highest used condition there.

[DEAD] Sunday AM In-Ears: Etymotic HF3, Brainwavz M2, S0

This sale ended…

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[DEAD] Etymotic HF5 In-Ears for $79, HF3 In-Ears for $93

This lightning deal expired…

Good until 5:15pm ET today, you can get the new condition Etymotic HF5 in-ears for $79 and the new condition Etymotic HF3 in-ears for $93 with free shipping, sold by Etymotic with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). These are available in black and colbalt.

Etymotic HF5 In-Ears for $99 [both colors]

Sales and price matching. The holiday shopping season must be getting close 🙂 The new condition Etymotic Research HF5 in-ears are now on sale for $99 with free shipping at B&H Photo (one color; the cobalt is gone) and at Amazon by Amazon actual (in both colors).

[DEAD] Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe-Listening Earphones

This lightning offer expired…

In case I forget to post it when it goes live, the headliner of today’s Gold Box at Amazon is the Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe-Listening Earphones in a kids bundle (the Hoo and Zoo bundle). There are multiple options in the Amazon listing, so it’s hard to tell which ones of them will be participating in the lightning deal. This goes live on Friday at 7:34pm ET.

[DEAD] Used Etymotic ER4SR for $244 [updated]

As of late 7/9/17, this is no longer available used…

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Both Etymotic Research ER4XR and ER4SR IEMs in-stock

The Etymotic Research ER4XR IEMs are in-stock for $350 with free shipping by various at Amazon, including Amazon actual.

Its sister model is in-stock too, but not discounted, the ER4SR IEMs go for $350 by various fulfilled by Amazon including AudioLAB, Hidef Lifesytle, Zorro, Etymotic itself, and more.

Post updated here 6/23/17.

Etymotic ER4XR or ER4SR IEMs + FREE ER Earplugs for $300

The Etymotic ER4 IEMs are bundled with a free set of earplugs for the same price of $300 with free shipping as follows:

+ ER4SR (studio response) with FREE Etymotic Research ER20XS High Fidelity Earplugs (Standard Fit, Frost Tip) included at B&H Photo
+ ER4SR with three different options of FREE Earplugs by AudioLAB thru Amazon

+ ER4XR (extended response) with FREE Etymotic Research ER20XS High Fidelity Earplugs (Standard Fit, Frost Tip) at B&H Photo
+ ER4XR with FREE Large Purple Stem Earplus by AudioLAB thru Amazon

Etymotic ER-4P-T in-ears for $180

If you are a higher-risk shopper, marketplace seller “ClassU” is offering the new condition Etymotic ER-4P-T earphones for $180 with free shipping through NewEgg. Limit up to 20 units per customer. Offer ends next Monday. I do not know if “ClassyU” is an authorized dealer. As a seller, they average 4 out of 5 at NewEgg with 100+ ratings. This ships directly from ClassyU.

Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs for $13

Hearing protection is important for music appreciation, which brings us to the Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs offered for $12 plus $1 flat shipping at the members-only Massdrop service. But if you are a Prime member, they are offered for $13 with free shipping (or the usual $49+ for non-members) by Etymotic Research with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. Note that at Amazon multiple options are sharing the same review pool, so you must dig into the review page and filter the reviews for this specific model if you want to read more about it. There is no option to filter the review scores though.

Used Etymotic Research ER4SR in-ears for $239

The Etymotic Research ER4SR in-ears are currently available in “Used – Good” condition for $239~ and in “Used – Very Good” condition for $254~, both by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. Both are described as having minor cosmetic imperfections with damaged original packaging.

Used Etymotic Research ER4-SR In-Ears for $248 [updated]

UPDATE: the price did not drop, but they have added a “Used – Good” condition option for $248. The “Used – Very Good” remains at the same price as before.

If you don’t want to pay full price for the Etymotic Hype Train Reborn, there is one listing at the moment of the Etymotic Research ER4-SR earphones available in “Used – Very Good” condition (various minor cosmetic imperfections and damaged packaging) going for $266~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual (AWD). As usual, items purchased from AWD actual come with a 30-day return policy, but Amazon makes no claims of warranty coverage, so if you buy something from them, make sure you’ll have enough time to test it to your satisfaction during the first 30 days of purchase.

Etymotic Research HF5 IEMs for $103.50 [MD]

The price sounds like an FM Radio, at 103.5 FM 🙂 The Etymotic Research Hf5 in-ears are going for $100 plus $3.50~ flat shipping at members-only Massdrop, with seven days left in the offer, and shipping estimates being mid-January 2017. These are triple-flange style.

Etymotic EATFL1-6 Triple Flange Sleeves for $7.79

On the consumable accessories front, the Etymotic EATFL1-6 Triple Flange Sleeves (for all SE models except for the SE102MPA), along with the SCL3 through 5, and E3c through E5c, and E500, are on sale for $7.79 at Free shipping for Prime members or with a $49+ order. Thankfully they are NOT Add-On items 🙂

PS: “consumable” from the earphones’ perspective, not from a human’s perspective. Do not eat these 🙂

Etymotic Research HF5 in-ears for $104 [MD]

Massdrop continues to expand its offering, just today I saw some A19 LED light bulbs there. Not smart lightbulbs, just a 4pk of simple LED ones 🙂 Regardless, another offer has gone fully unlocked, it’s a small discount versus the other retailers, but a discount it is, the Etymotic Research HF5 in-ears going for $100 plus $4~ flat shipping with a reasonable early October 2016 shipping estimate. Two colors are available. The drop ends in 8 days from today but could end earlier because only 50 units are available (I don’t know if it’s 50 per color or total).

If you don’t want to wait for MD, you can get it for $110 with free shipping at B&H Photo’s.

Earsonics Earpad Plugs for $22 [MD]

On the hearing protection front, fully unlocked at Massdrop are the Earsonics Earpad Plugs going for $19 plus $3~ flat shipping. The offer is good for the next seven days. They come with a carrying pouch and a 1-year warranty from Massdrop (MD). They do not play music! Shipping estimate is early September but it may end earlier, there are only 100 units available for this offer.

Competing on price with these are the Etymotic Research ER20XS-SMF-P currently going for $20 at in Standard or Large fit. But their universals go for $25. The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $49++).

Etymotic Research ER20 Ety-Plug starting at $10

The Etymotic Research ER20 Ety-Plug go for $13 shipped at Massdrop right now with a late June delivery estimate, but it looks like Amazon has them beat. Prices start at $10~ for the Red Sterm or clear soft and go to $13 for other color combinations including the ER20-SMC. The usual shipping terms apply, free 2-day for Prime members or with a $49+ order (or $25+ in physical books).

Etymotic ER 20 earplugs for $13

It looks like Etymotic is price-matching a Massdrop offer, and without the hassle of dealing with Massdrop waiting and such, because the Etymotic store on Amazon, with the order fulfilled by Amazon (so Prime 2-day eligible) is offering their ER20 earplugs for $13 per set. These are available in different colors and configurations, so be sure to pay attention to the size and color options at Amazon, for example, this is the Standard Fit with Clear Stem and Blue Tip in clamshell and this is in polybag.

PS: if you are reading this at high speed, note that these are earplugs, not earbuds. They do not play music. They are intended for hearing protection, reducing outside noise before it gets to your ears.

Massdrop unlocked: Shure SE846 IEMs for $780

Fully unlocked at Massdrop with about seven days to go (from blog posting date) are the Shure SE846 IEMs going for $780 with free shipping. Orders will begin shipping August 7, so don’t buy if you need them to arrive quickly. A few more offers were added there, but as of the time of writing they are not fully unlocked – they are:

  • Etymotic ER4-S Micro Pro Earphones as low as $225~ shipped
  • Astrotec AX-35 Hybrid IEM as low as $55~ shipped

Massdrop: unlocked ER20 Earplus shipped for $11

More offers got added to Massdrop, with the ones mentioned here ending in 6-7 days from blog-posting date. One of them is fully unlocked, the Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs for $11 with free shipping. These are just earplugs, not earphones! This is limited to 100 units and 81 have been purchased as of the time of writing.

Other items listed but not currently fully-unlocked are as follows:

  • Shure SE215 Blue LE in-ears as low as $115
  • Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman as low as $260
  • Little Dot MKIII Tube amp for $225
  • KLUTZ DESIGN CanCans stand as low as $190 shipped
  • I am adding the shipping price to the totals

Massdrop: ER4-S, Geekout, and DTX 72

Three more offers are up at Massdrop. As of the time of writing, none of them are fully unlocked, but they have six days left (from blog-posting date). They have two in-ears, the Etymotic ER4-S Micro Pro could go as low as $245~ shipped, and the Beyerdynamic DTX 72 iE could go as low as $45 shipped. There’s also the tiny little red Geek Out 1000 USB DAC/Amp that could go as low as $201~ shipped.

Etymotic MC3 in-ears for $55

On the in-ears front, there is some Etymotic action at Groupon Goods, the new condition blue color scheme of the Etymotic MC3 in-ears are on sale for $55 with free shipping and free returns. The offer ends Saturday night (about 48 hours from posting time).