Comply Foam Eartip Sale: 3 pairs for $15 (various options)

Eleven different options for Comply Foam Eartips are on sale in 3-pair packs for $15 per set. They are available at different sizes, and there’s also a variety pack. Check the details of each individual listing for compatibility and user opinions. There are too many to list here individually.

Comply Sale (12 options)

If you are a fan of the Comply earphone tips, there is a sale of twelve different options at the moment at with various options and packs participating. This is a longer-running type of a sale, not a lightning deal.

Comply Isolation T-500 earfoam (select sizes) for $15

On the consumables front, the Medium size of 3-pairs of Comply Isolation T-500 earfoam (short for earphone foam tips) is on sale for $15 at Amazon by Amazon actual, with up to three sets per customer. These are also available as a “Subscribe and Save” purchase since they are consumables, the foam tips don’t last as long as silicone. Keep in mind future “Subscribe and Save” shipments will be based on future prices, not the original price you pay now for the first purchase.

The same price is available for the 3-pairs set of Small / Medium / Large set, handy if you use different sizes on each ear, or if shopping for multiple people, or planning to sell IEMs and want to make your offer more tempting by adding value-add accessories to them.

Comply Foam Earphone Tips for $14 [MD]

Fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop is a variety of options on Comply Foam Earphone Tips for $14. Not sure what happened to the shipping and handling fee, it is no longer shown next to the product prices. You have options at checkout from the 100, 200, 400 and 500 series and in various T-options. They will ship late April 2017. They point to this color-coded monster PDF file for compatibility with various IEMs.

[DEAD] Comply Lightning Deals throughout Monday

These lightning deal Comply-palooza expired…

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Price-Check Comply Massdrop, Better Prices for Prime members on some models

Massdrop has a new offer, fully unlocked, on Comply foam tips that go for $13 plus $2.75 flat shipping. They offer a variety of models (see listing or add to shopping cart to see the options over there).

However, if you are a Prime member (or plan a $49+ Amazon order), some models individually can be had for less at Amazon, the ones shipped or fulfilled by Amazon. For example, the 3pk T500 Medium Black for $12~ [limit 5], or the 3pk S-400 Active charcoal for $11.53 [limit 12]. Charcoal is the color, they are NOT made of charcoal 🙂

Others have the same price, but if you can get free Prime shipping, you avoid the MD shipping fee, eg the 3pk T-400 Blue go for $13 at both places.

There are many model and color combinations, I can’t check them all here.

YMMV Comply clearance at Radio Shack stores

The remaining Radio Shack stores have some Comply foam tips on clearance. Availability depends on a store by store basis. You can check by zip-code on their website but that still may not be accurate. They have 3pks for $4, for the S-100, S-200, S-400 and S-500 models. Again, this is very YMMV!