Used Cayin C5 Portable head-amp for $110

The Cayin C5 Portable headphone-amp in the brushed black metal color scheme is going for $110 with free shipping in “Used – Like New” open-box condition with a 1-year warranty per the details in the listing offered by “MusicTeck” through Amazon Warehouse Deals. The new condition price is $130. The amp averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 53 customer reviews.

Unlocked at MD: Hidizs AP60 for $75; Cayin C5 DAC/Amp for $154

Two more products have blossomed into unlocked offers (such flowery language!) at members-only Massdrop. They have seven days to go from today (today = posting date), and are estimated to ship in late March 2017.

One is a digital audio player, the Hidizs AP60 is going for $75 with free shipping, which defeats the eBay and amazon prices of $89~.

Next up, yet another portable DAC/amp in an ever-growing market, it is the Cayin C5 DAC/Amp going for $150 plus $4 flat shipping. But the decision is closer here, because one eBay seller, EpiceSolutions (state of Washington) has it for $162.49 with free economy shipping.

Cayin N5 DAP for $268 [DAP]

Shipping in early February 2017, the Cayin N5 digital audio player is offered for $260 plus $8~ flat shipping at members-only Massdrop. The offer runs for the next seven days but there’s a very small number of units available. Then again, these are a niche within a niche, so they may not sell out before the offer’s expiration date.

They play up to DSD128, which is the magic number, because they can accept two microSD cards up to 128GB each. It doesn’t have any user-accessible internal music storage.

Massdrop: Shure SE215 Blue, SE535, Bravo V2, etc

A new round of offers went up at members-only Massdrop. These expire in seven days from blog-posting date and as of the time of writing, none of them is fully unlocked, which is the lowest price possible under a particular offer over there. The new additions are:

+ Shure SE215 Blue IEMs as low as $115 shipped
+ Shure SE535 IEMs as low as $380 shipped
+ Bravo V2 Headphone Amplifier as low as $88 shipped
+ Cayin C6 Portable DAC/Amp as low as $140 shipped
+ SMSL M8 DAC (desktop) as low as $180 shipped

Massdrop Amp Day: Cayin C5, LEAR FSM-02V2

Two new related offers have gone up at Massdrop, both headphone amp-related. First up, the LEAR FSM-02V2 Headphone Amp has a lowest possible price of $286. Then, a bundle, the Cayin C5 Portable Amp plus ECCI PR100 MKII IEMs can go as low as $160. As of the time of writing, neither one is fully unlocked. Offers expire in about five days from blog-posting date.