Burson Play DAC/amp for $480 [MD Exclusive]

Massdrop is back with another exclusive, this time it is a DAC/amp, it is the new condition Burson Play, going for $480. This exclusive MD version includes three V6Vivid-Dual opamps and two V6Classic-Single, all made by Burson Audio. This offer will ship in late December by Massdrop and the “drop” is running for the next four days and change [from blog-posting date]. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Massdrop: Burson Audio Soloist SL Headphone Amp as low as $530

The Burson Audio Soloist SL Headphone Amp is now on offer at members-only Massdrop, and it could go as low as $520 plus $10~ flat shipping if enough people commit to buying it. It has seven days from blog-posting date to fully unlocked. It only needs six commits for that.