Pre-order new B&O Beoplay H9i and H8i ANC/BT Over and On-Ears

Another pair of headphones that was announced at CES 2018 is now available for pre-ordering. It is the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay duo of H9i and H8i, an over-ear and on-ear respectively duo of bluetooth with active noise cancelling headphones. Each one is available in two color schemes and their pre-order prices are $499 and $399 respectively, with a late January 2018 release estimate.

Of practical interest, these charge via a USB-C port on the headphones, so you don’t have to fight with the micro-USB cable.

Pre-orders are accepted as follows:

+ H8i for $399 at Amazon actual

+ H9i for $499 at Amazon actual

[DEAD] YMMV: B&O Play H6 Over-Ears for $149 [limit 1]

UPDATE 4/7/17: it hasn’t come back since, so I’ll pronounce it DEAD for now… I will post a new post if it ever comes back…

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Now shipping: B&O PLAY H4 Bluetooth Over-ears for $299

The headphone stork is bringing in even more new releases. The new B&O PLAY H4 bluetooth closed-back over-ear headphones in the “charcoal gray” color scheme are now in-stock and ready to ship for $299 with free shipping by authorized dealer Onecall through Amazon. More marketplace sellers have it now, check the detailed listings [updated 2/25/17]

These ship from OneCall (Eastern Washington, the only persona of Huppin’s – think Gonzaga!), but if you are a Prime member, you receive Prime-like shipping speed even though they don’t ship from Amazon’s own facilities. This is thanks to a lesser-known Prime benefit, where some retailers agree to ship some items at Prime speeds. You can recognize this on listings (while logged on with a Prime account) by looking at the highlighted areas in the screenshot below:

They support Bluetooth 4.2 and promise up to 19 hours of music playback before recharging. They also play music through a standard 3.5mm input. B&O has an ever-increasing number of H-series headphone models. This particular model does not have ANC, which for some may be considered a plus.

Used B&O Play H5 bluetooth earphones for $137

The new condition price of the B&O Play H5 bluetooth earphones is $250 at reputable dealers, but if you want to save some, you can get them in “Used – Very Good” condition (repackaged) for $137~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Be sure to read reviews if you are not familiar with them because they average 3.2 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews.

UPDATE: as of 2/21/17 recheck, the price dropped from $147~ to $137~

B&O PLAY H6 Over-Ears (2nd gen) for $263

The black color scheme of the second-generation closed-back over-ear B&O PLAY H6 headphones is currently on sale for $263 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer.

[DEAD] B&O PLAY Beoplay H6 Over-Ears for $180 [ends 11pm ET]

This limited time sale sold-out before the planned 6-hour offer expired…

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LG giving free B&O Play H3 In-Ears with select V20 purchases

In a press release that came out yesterday, T-Mobile says that if you purchase the LG V20 from them, you will be able to get a free pair of B&O Play H3 In-Ears from LG. The H3s are NOT included in the box by T-Mobile. The press release points to the LG V20 website for redemption details. You may have to to register the phone to get it. The exact details of the redemption are not known since the phone is not even out yet.

Another unknown is whether you get the first-generation H3s or the second generation. The list price for both is $150, so price alone can’t tell.

If you are only interested in the H3, a marketplace seller at (Prime eligible) was able to snag the H3s that were part of the LG G5 launch promotion and is selling them for $100 in new condition. There are no reviews to this listing, so this is for the boldly-going 🙂 These are presumably the first generation?

Having said all that, the price of the LG V20 is still up in the air. T-Mobile did not reveal a price, but AT&T lists it for $830. It is also offered through the installment plans that bandaid (verb) the initial sticker shock, but the price is still the same (30 months of $27.67 per month). It is also eligible for “Next” and Trade-In promotions (the H3 appear to be in the Trade-In promotion).

Verizon’s press release says they will carry it but it’s NOT on their website yet. Sprint has it on their website with a “Coming Soon” but no price or order details yet.

The V20 is generating some headphone-related interest/hype, Quad-DAC and all. Here’s one post by Android Authority talking V20 audio, and many and more posts and forum threads across the interwebs.

Used B&O BeoPlay H6 Over-Ears (2nd Gen) for $224

The new condition second-generation closed-back over-ear B&O BeoPlay H6 go for $300 in new condition but if you prefer used, the black color scheme is available in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging) for $224~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. The listing shows the lowest price per color. To see the detailed listings per color, click on the blue “See all offers for this product” link next to each color’s name over there.

B&O PLAY H6 Over-Ear headphones (2nd Gen) for $280

The black color scheme of the second generation B&O PLAY H6 Over-Ear headphones is on sale, going for $280 instead of its usual price of $300 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a 1-3 weeks shipping estimate.

NOTE: a “Just Launched” seller also has it for the same price, which may have automatically triggered Amazon’s own price to drop as a computer price-match. Make sure you are buying from Amazon actual, not from the marketplace seller.

PS: if you are not familiar with how things look at the Amazon website, this is a screenshot of the part of the product page you should always look at:


[DEAD] B&O PLAY Beoplay H7 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $299

This Prime offer expired too… Just like the Beyerdynamic Customs, this too is an “Add to Cart” type of deal. The price you see on the product page for the B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 bluetooth over-ears is $400+, but when you add them to the shopping cart, the price drops to $299. This offer is available on all three color schemes.

In-stock Next Week: B&O Play H5 Bluetooth earphones

For the boldly going explorers of bluetooth earphones, there’s a new entry in the field arriving next week (the estimate is July 11, 2016 but that may vary slightly), it is the B&O Play H5 bluetooths, available in either black or white, with an opening price of $250. They have a dedicated app and the customary Bang & Olufsen styling.

B&O Beoplay H6 Over-Ears for $199

If you are a fan of the B&O PLAY brand from Bang & Olufsen, their BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones, in the gray-hazel color-scheme, are on sale for $199 with free shipping, sold by the actual company, with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member. Limit 30 units per customer. The new condition price is actually lower than the used prices as of the time of writing.

[DEAD] Wednesday Deals: Symphonized Wood In-Ears, BeoPlay H6 DJ Khaled, Mengo

These daily deals expired…

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Used BeoPlay H6 (first gen) for $240 to $261

If you can’t resist the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 headphones but don’t want to pay the $400 new condition price, and you are not tempted by the second generation model (also $400), you can get the first-generation model in Used condition, with prices at $240 for the Natural/Brown color scheme and $261 for the black color scheme. These are the prices by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Other marketplace sellers may have them for slightly less, but they are a higher risk unless they are a well known seller or you have a higher risk threshold.

Used BeoPlay H6 Over-Ears for $245 (was $258)

The new condition stylish BeoPlay H6 over-ears go for $400 in new condition, but if you are comfortable with used, you can get them as low as $245 (was $258) in the black color scheme, in “Used – Very Good” condition by Amazon Warehouse Deals. They are available in five different color schemes. The rest go for more in used condition. They average 4.4 out of 5 based on 70+ customer reviews… Price updated here 4/28/15…

[DEAD] Sunday’s limited time offers: Senn MM30i, BeoPlay Form 2i

Sunday’s promotion expired, but there are almost new ones on a daily basis during the holiday season at the Amazon Gold Box
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[DEAD] Saturday In-Ear Lightning Deals: Beats Tour, BeoPlay H3

Today’s lightning deals expired…
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[DEAD] Monday Lightning Deals: Audio Technica M50xWH & M50xBL bundles, Beo H3, Thinksound ts02

Monday’s lightning deals expired, but more will arrive during the holidays at the Amazon Lightning Deals

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