Lo-Fi Graphics Headphones T-Shirt for $10 [Small]

If you like lo-fi graphics on t-shirts and you wear or are buying a gift for someone wearing “Small” size, you can get this lo-fi “headphone around the neck” t-shirt for $10 in the Small size. The other sizes go for $16+. It is sold by CrazyDog shirts with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get them in around two days (or slightly more now that UPS is backed up before of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers).

It averages 4 out of 5 based on 40 customer reviews. They also offer a variety of discounts with additional purchases or additional quantities. Check under the “Special offers and product promotions” section over there on the product page for details.

Modest Audiophile T-Shirt for $17 (various colors and M/W sizes)

If you are looking for a modest audiophile-pride t-shirt, this Audiophile enthusiast t-shirt is available for $17 in five different colors, in various men and women sizes. There are no customer reviews. It is sold and shipped by Amazon. Since it is a clothing item, so you get free returns (part of Amazon’s effort to encourage customers to buy more clothes from them).

Here’s a screenshot crop of the logo:

T-Shirts: “Happiness is a Warm Tube” for $13

And now to … audio fashion! More specifically, for tube fans! The “”Happiness is a Warm Tube” t-shirt is available in three different colors and various Men and Women sizes for $13 each, sold and shipped by Amazon actual, so Prime members get it in about two days. Since this is filed under clothing, it is eligible for Free Returns if you don’t like it.

T-Shirt: “Happiness is a Warm Tube” for $13

And now… t-shirts! The “Happiness is a Warm Tube” t-shirt, available in three colors (black, blue, navy), different sizes, and in men and women styles, is currently on sale for $13, sold and shipped by Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order. Since this is a clothing item, Amazon offers free returns.