Advanced Sound Evo X BT IEMs for $40 w/FS [MD]

Running for one day and change (from blog-posting date; unless it gets extended), Massdrop is offering the new condition Advanced Sound Evo X Wireless IEMs for $40 with free USA shipping. These have built-in earhooks, and come with a solid zippered case, various eartips, and a charging cable. Wireless as in bluetooth 4.1 that is.

They will ship in early February with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing. US orders will ship from the vendor, while international orders will ship from Massdrop.

Advanced Sound S2000 IEMs for $20 w/FS [MD]

Unlocked already, the new condition Advanced Sound S2000 IEMs are going for $20 with free shipping to US addresses at members-only Massdrop. The offer runs for the next five days and change (as of posting time). At checkout, you can select whether you want one with a 1-button remote/mic or no mic/remote at all ~ for the same price. They include a drawstring pouch and additional eartips. All sales final. They ship from the vendor in mid-January 2018. There’s no mention of warranty on the listing, but hey, it’s a $20 earphone 🙂

PS: all the Massdrop posts here have either [MD] or mention the word in the blog-post title, so if you are not interested in Massdrop, you can ignore those posts; or if you are interested, you can look forward to them 🙂

PS2: there are over a dozen headphonalia (headphones, amps, etc) that are currently offered as “normal” sales at Massdrop. They ship within a week after you purchase them. They call them the “in-stock drops” and we have a running summary of those in our Massdrop Tracker permanent post. Bookmark that if interested!

Advanced Sound 747 ANC In-Ears for $50 [MD]

Hopefully these don’t sound like airplane engines 🙂 The new condition Advanced Sound 747 in-ears with active noise cancelling are fully unlocked at members-only but free-to-join for $50 with free shipping. The offer runs for the next four days or so from blog-posting date. They ship from Massdrop in mid-December 2017. There is no mention of warranty on the listing.

The active noise cancelling part is powered by a built-in battery, there is a block that comes with it, further down the cable, and further down the page over there to see it.

Advanced Sound M4 IEMs for $34 (MD)

Another day, another offer getting unlocked at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop shopping service, this time it is the Advanced Sound M4 IEMs going for $30 plus $3.50 flat shipping. This is running for the next eight days (from blog-posting date), includes a 3-year manufacturer warranty (which is pretty sweet considering the price), comes with a handful of eartips (ten pairs), and will ship late February 2017.