[DEAD] Sunday: Phililps L2BO or M2L/27 for $75 each

This daily deal expired, but things keep returning at Woot one way or another until they are completely sold out…

And we are back with the Sunday burst of posts, growing upwards as it is the case with websites that are posted in reverse chronological order 🙂

Good until 1am ET on Monday, two new condition Philips headphones are on sale at Woot for $70 each, with $5 flat shipping on your whole order. Limit three units per customer.

The two headphones are:

  • the Lightning cabled M2L/27 closed-back on-ears (with built-in DAC/amp)
  • Fidelio L2BO Open-Back Over-Ears

The current iPhone 7 models do not have a built-in DAC/amp. The Lightning port spits out digital audio, so in order to get human-listenable music out of them, you either need to use an adapter (such as the one included with the iPhone), or use your own DAC/amp, or use Lightning headphones with a built-in DAC/amp.

If you feel like making your own headphones, there is a Lightning Cable development kit by Cirrus Logic.

Further Reading: List of Smartphones without a 3.5mm headphone jack. This list can be used in two ways: smartphones to avoid or smartphones to buy depending on your preference and needs 🙂