[DEAD] Sunday: Noontec Zoro HD On-Ear (Also: ANC Over-Ears for $70)

These lightning deals expired… The big surprise was that the Zoro HD on-ears were offered for $20 (twenty), with their before-sale price being $80. Unfortunately I noticed this just a few minutes before it expired, so I couldn’t post it separately since by the time most people would see it, it would be dead…

It’s Noontec day at the Gold Box with two of their headphones scheduled to go live on Sunday as follows:

+ ends 5:25pm ET: Noontec Hammo Go Active Noise Cancelling Over Ears for $70
+ (price before sale $100)

+ ends Monday 12:30am ET: Noontec ZORO HD On-Ears for $20 (twenty), sold by Noontec and fulfilled by Amazon!
+ (price before sale $80)
+ WOW! ~ they went crazy on this one, $20!