SoundMagic PL50 in-ears for $25 [MD]

One of the best kept secrets in the audiophile world is that you can achieve “good enough” with a fraction of the money of audiophile/phool products you see audio-magazines and forums-stars and forum-divas rave on about. There are always compromises but so is the case with every single flagship product out there 🙂

Which brings us to a budget option that is running for the next four days at Massdrop, it is the new condition [I’m starting to add this because MD occasionally offered refurbished or beef stock {B-stock}] SoundMagic PL50 in-ears with free US shipping. International shipping seems to hover around $8 for these ones.

They come with a case, over-cable hooks (so you can put them around your ears for sports or better stability), and seven sets of eartips (of different kinds).

These will ship in mid-April by the vendor [mayhaps that’s why international shipping is higher]. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing.

PS: Massdrop uses the word “vendor” without giving any further details. That’s why I write “vendor” since I don’t know any more than what it says over there 🙂