Shure SE-215 SI with Bluetooth 5.0 Cable and free water bottle (!!!) for $79

In the Fall of 2019, Shure (re)launched a new set of SE-series Sound Isolating earphones, and hearing (pun intended) the call for bluetooth earphones, they have launched the Wireless Noise-Isolating SE-215 in-ears in four different color schemes

These are currently going for $79 with free US shipping at B&H Photo which, for a limited time, includes a free gift, a Shure-branded water bottle (which you can also purchase separately for $10 each). Contrary to rumors heard in some forums, the water bottle is strictly for drinking water, and not for altering the sound signature of the bluetooth signal. Because when passing through water, treble spikes become more mellow 😉

Anyway, the important thing of these in-ears of bluetooth interest is that they come with a detachable bluetooth 5.0 cable with supports most the major CODECs (but not LDAC).

Accessories include eartips, a carrying case, clip, micro-USB cable and a 2-year warranty.

NOTE: that these “with Bluetooth 5.0 cable” models do not come with a wired cable. You have to use your own from previous compatible MMCX models or purchase one if you wish to use them both wired and wireless…