Sennheiser RS Kleer Wireless line-up on sale for $124 to $200

The Sennheiser RS-series line-up of Kleer wireless headphones is currently on sale at Amazon as a group. The entry-point into the Kleer line-up, the RS-160 goes for $124, the RS-170 goes for $170, and the RS-180 for $180. Review-wise, the RS-160 averages 4.1 (out of 400+), the RS-170 averages 4.3 (out of nearly 1000), and the RS-180 averages 4.2 (out of 700+ customer reviews). Each have their features and trade-offs, for example, the RS-180 is open-back, the RS-170 is closed-back, the RS-160 has a tiny hockey-puck transmitter, while the other two have big transmitters that also serve as headphone stands and chargers.