Sennheiser just opened an Outlet Store on Amazon

If you are a fan of Sennheiser and Amazon, it’s a new Sennheiser x Amazon partnership 🙂 Sennheiser has opened up an Outlet store on Amazon offering certified refurbished headphones.

As of the time of writing they have five certified refurbished headphones available there with these prices:

  • refurb HD 4.40 BT Over-Ears for $70
  • refurb HD 650 for $307
  • refurb HD 280 PRO (older model) for $82
  • refurb RS 175 RF wireless system for $147
  • ignore the HDR 120 headset, it’s cheaper these days to buy the RS 120 which includes one headset and a transmitter/base

As of the time of writing, these ship directly from the Sennheiser Outlet. I have no idea whether they will also offer “fulfilled by Amazon” options. If I was guessing, I’d say they will eventually do, it may be a matter of time until they get setup and starting shipping inventory to Amazon.

If you go to the Sennheiser website, the Outlet link will actually redirect you to the Blinq online store, so Blinq is in a way “blessed” by Sennheiser.

So it is possible they are expanding to other marketplaces, or want to replace Blinq with Amazon. Only time will tell 🙂