[DEAD] Rosewill EX-700 or EX-500 In-Ears for $15 each w/free S&H OR Buy 2+ and Get Additional Discounts

This coupon promotion expired…

UPDATE 2/15/18 at 5:40pm ET: I just attempted to test whether you could double dip on the discount. Unfortunately the Rosewill store’s automatic 10% off discount expired, so the only discount option now is the 20% off $25+ eBay coupon..

I found a couple of Rosewill earphones that are eligible for the 20% off eBay coupon (coupon code PRESDAY) but they also have their own automatic 10% off in-cart discount if you buy two or more units of either/both the two Rosewill earphones. But let’s start from the beginning!

The new condition Rosewill EX-700 In-Ears are on sale for $15 with free shipping, and so are the Rosewill EX-500 In-Ears. If you only want one pair, that’s the price you pay. They are sold by the official Rosewill eBay store.

If you want two or more units however (either one of each, or two of the same), then you have two discount options:

+ an automatic Rosewill 10% off in-cart discount

+ 20% off with the PRESDAY $25+ coupon (two pairs is $30 > $25)

I don’t know if the coupons are stackable. I don’t have my eBay account on this computer to test it, so I’ll check it later tonight. With the 10% discount, you’d pay $27 for two pairs. With the 20% off discount, you’d pay $24. I doubt the coupons are stackable, but if they are, it would drop to $22 or so (depending on which order the two discounts are applied).

Strategically, if you are planning to max out on the 20% off coupon later on a big purchase (the 20% off coupon flattens to $50 off on $250+ purchases), it makes sense to use the automatic 10% off discount on these.

We actually have a text and pictures unboxing here for the Rosewill EX-700. It comes with a nice magnetic pouch, and additional eartips. It has a 1-button mic/remote. Unfortunately I don’t remember how they sound, I need to get more organized in taking notes and things of that nature! But they are not a Headphone to Avoid