[DEAD] Phones as DAPs: refurbished LG V10 for $145

This daily deal expired, but Woot’s offers often keep coming back in future daily deals or Woot-OFFs or Leftover deals…

If you are a fan of the “Phones as DAPs” philosophy (eg, if you listen to a lot of streaming music), good until Monday at 1am ET, Woot has a refurbished LG smartphone sale that includes the LG V10 (model VS990) going for $140 with $5 flat shipping and a 90-day warranty from WOOT.

It is available in black or white. It is a Verizon phone with its GSM part unlocked. If you are planning to use it for GSM cellular service and not just as a DAP, be sure to read up on it to make sure it has the right bands for your GSM provider of choice.

PS: these are the audio measurements of the V10 at GSM Arena.