[DEAD] Philips M2L Lightning Closed On-Ear Headphones for $68

This sale ended…

Good until the end of October 2017, you can get the new condition Philips M2L Lightning Cable headphones for $63 plus $5 flat shipping with a 1-year warranty from Philips. Limit up to three pairs per customer.

This is one of their longer-running offers, not a daily deal. Although on occasion (like today), they bring it “off the bench” when one of their daily deals sells out ahead of time and they need a “substitute” to keep the page warm until the new daily deals arrive.

Since they are Lightning headphones, they have a built-in DAC/amp, since Apple’s devices only output digital audio. They are closed-back on-ears, don’t be fooled by the “open-looking” style in the pictures.